When Summer Blooms: harnessing the season’s power with Crystal Healing

By Emm Reeve


Welcome to this month’s Blog for all things Crystal Healing! I’m Emm, Chalmers Gems Holistic Practitioner, Belly Dancer and Yoga Teacher, busy Mother and Wife and I use Crystals and Gemstones in all aspects of my life. By harnessing the energies from these beautiful and authentic pieces from Chalmers Gems, I try to navigate my way through personal, professional, societal, worldwide and universal energetic shifts! I’d love to share with you some of what I’ve learnt along my journey of Crystal Healing and energy work, and how you can use your Crystals for your healing and everyday life!

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Take a moment to reflect on whether you feel that summer is on its way yet. Have you noticed what’s happening in nature around you? Your garden, plants, local park, the hedges on the commute to work. If you’re in the UK, our part of the world is preparing to bloom, becoming fuller and brighter. The insects, birds and butterflies will appear more frequently, using offerings from the Earth to thrive, grow and prosper. It can be powerful and connecting, reminding ourselves that we are also part of nature. Our bodies are deeply rooted to the physical Earth, and our energy is connected to everything around us.

The Summer Solstice took place on 21st June 2022. During the Solstice, the North axis of the planet is at its closest point to the Sun. The day becomes longer as we welcome in more sunlight. This energy charges us, enhancing our ability to be creative. Our ancestors have marked this occasion for thousands of years at sites such as Stone Henge, Wood Henge, and Anglesey Bryn Celli Ddu passage tomb. Rituals and celebrations took place to acknowledge the extra light and energy from the Sun. We know the Sun brings life to the planet, the food that is grown, and the trees that provide our Oxygen, just as nature blooms in the summertime, so can we. Summer brings growth, ability and the energy to experience these longer days.

The Sun is a star sending us incredible light and warm energy. It is associated with the fire element as it brings heat, warmth and vitality. Chalmers Gems’ stunning Amphibole Obelisk comprises several Minerals providing an entire body, Crystal Healing experience, whilst majestically reflecting the sunlight. Sit with the Crystal in nature holding the point up towards the Sun to charge. These are great to use in directional Crystal Healing, where you can target specific Chakras or Meridian lines using the Obelisk tip. The Carnelian Carved Flame would be a powerful Crystal to harness fire energy, warmth, vitality, inner passion and focused energy. Place this Crystal in your lap during a seated Meditation to activate your internal fire energy – however that may surface! Remember, we don’t always need to feel calm, peaceful and still; sometimes, our passionate feelings and inner drive can bring positive change to your life and those around you.


The summer season is linked with two of our seven main ChakrasMuladhara (Root) and Manipura (Solar Plexus)Many of us take more time to be in nature in the summer, charging up the Root Chakra. This gives us stable and secure energy, which helps us feel grounded and on the right path. We may experience the ebbs and flows of life, with the understanding that everything is an experience to evolve from. The Solar Plexus is our physical intuition, which truly helps us make life-changing decisions as it is our ‘gut feeling’. It can also be where we carry anxiety or tension. The ‘busyness’ of summertime can be powerful, overwhelming, or unsettling for many of us. The perfect Crystal to work with our Root and Solar Plexus Chakras in the summertime is Sunstone. The Sunstone Chips have ideal symbolism of the Earth’s and Sun’s shape and are charged with high vibrational, rejuvenating sun energy! You could keep these within a space in the home, allowing them to work with your natural environment. You could hold your Chips on or near your body. Place it at the Root Chakra before moving up to the Solar Plexus, charging and aligning both Chakras. You could also hold it during Meditation or breathwork in your dominant hand, the one with which you physically create, to help charge your creative energy! Sunstone can help remove low vibrational energy that we carry within the body, especially the stagnant or trapped energy we may have around our organs.


I regularly get asked what Crystals work well for children. The truth is, like adults, ALL Crystals can work for a child. It all depends on what that child’s energetic requirements are. Children are naturally more active, creative, explorative, fearless and passionate compared to what adults may feel or express. Children are also highly intuitive and emotional as their Chakras develop and their physical bodies change and mature. An excellent Crystal to work with children’s energy in the summertime is Citrine. Citrine brings high vibrational energy, such as feelings of joy, brightness, and gratitude. It can be used to set an intention (or make a wish) to attract abundance in many forms. You could create Jewellery or home decorations with children using Chalmers Citrine Chunky Raw Nuggets.


Citrine Chunky Raw Nuggets Strand Approx 8 Pieces


Summer offers us stunning plants, healthy ground to walk on, thriving wildlife and beautiful views to see. With each change of season, I create a new altar at home and adapt my altars for the Women’s circles I host (see pictures below of some of them). Creating an altar at home can be very simple. It is a way of acknowledging, honouring and connecting to the shift of energy we experience when we move into summertime. By setting up a space that we can look at, connect to and sit at when we Meditate or set intentions – we are creating an energetic space with high vibrational frequency energy that flows through our environment and body.

In my summertime altars, I like to add naturally fallen leaves, plants, flowers, acorns, shells, Stones I find when out walking, collecting them using intuition and respectfully using them for my altar. I like to add candles to welcome the Fire element.


Tarot/Oracle cards for guidance (not essential but always handy if you work with cards!). Incense/Palo Santo for cleansing the space, leaving only the high vibrational energy. At home, I may add photos, artwork or inspirational quotes that mean something to me. And last but not least, Crystals!


Below I have selected pieces from Chalmers Gems that compliment your summertime altars to help create a powerful, dynamic and unique flow of energy!


One of the first known Crystals to be used for healing and is perfect for cleansing and balancing our energies and the energy within our environment. Baltic Amber will help us find balance within ourselves as the society around us becomes fuller and busier allowing us to work through the ebbs and flows.


Rhodonite can be very calming to anyone who may feel overwhelmed, anxious or carrying tension in their body. These Rhondonite Beads will make stunning Jewellery and are a great size for everyday Jewellery.


Amethyst helps to bring focus, enhance our intuition, and assist us in Meditations and intention setting. The symbol of the moon welcomes in that balance of energies, the day and night, Yin & Yang.

Peach Selenite Palmstones 7 x 5 x 2cm


Also great for welcoming in the Lunar energy. I’d recommend holding one in your non-dominant hand at your altar or when Meditating. Palmstones can help flow energy around the body, helping shift stagnant energy.


An incredible crystal from a hot part of the world that helps us work with the fire element for strength, ability, vitality and passion. Place this on your altar with the point facing up to the Sun. You can then use the point for directional healing around the Aura, charging it up and giving us protection too!


As we shift into summertime, you may start to notice changes around and within you. Remember that we all carry energy differently; we experience life in our own unique ways. There is no right or wrong way to experience the ebbs and flows of energy. We can use Crystal Healing to work through these experiences as we learn, grow, develop, create, Meditate, rest and give love to ourselves and others.

If you are interested in learning more about the cycles of seasons and how that connects the Moon and our cycles, I recommend an online course called ‘Sacred Cycles’ by one of my teachers, Shamanic Priestess Ruth Cato. I’ve been fortunate to learn from her work, and the Sacred Cycles changed my understanding of my life experience, which has inevitably deepened my energy work and the space I hold for others. You can find more information about her work at https://www.ruthcato.com/.

To end this month’s Blog, I’d like to offer some summertime affirmations that you may wish to use at the beginning of each day. Hold your Crystal as you speak it aloud or to yourself internally. Welcome the energy from the Crystal as you affirm your experience for the day.

  1. I can meet this day with energy and endurance.
  2. I can harness my inner fire to bring positive change into the world.
  3. I can bloom and thrive as nature does around me.

Warmest summertime love & joy to you all.

Emm xx

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