Crystal Vibrations – What are they?

Crystal Vibrations - What are they?

By Danni Saint

The Crystals we use today hold a life force and healing power from both the earth and the sky, having been formed over millions of years by the action of water, wind, and volcanic fire.

Crystals contain their own healing energy and act as transmitters and amplifiers. Each Crystal has its own distinct properties, but we can also empower Crystals to store prosperity, love, or success energies that can be released when we need them in our daily lives.


When we talk about vibration and Crystal, it can be hard to really understand what we mean. Everything in the world moves with a magnetic pulse and vibration. Scientists have taught us that every atom in the universe is constantly in motion, and metaphysicians have taught us that every object is surrounded by its own little vibrational sphere of energy; we know this as an aura. Crystals are very unique in nature. Their atoms follow the most systematical pattern possible, creating a crystal lattice. Due to this incredible atomic structure, Gemstones are powerful holders and transmitters of energy and vibration. As humans, we have a very messy and chaotic atomical structure. Our auras and atoms are harmonised by interacting with Crystals.



Selenite – filters out low vibes, cleanses your energy.


Selenite Square Tealight Holder 8cm Selenite Snowball Tealight Holder White 8cm Selenite Medium Tealight Holder 8cm
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Crescent Moon Tealight Holder White & Orange Yin Yang Tealight Holder Star Tealight Holder


Rose Quartz – encourages emotional stability and healing.


Smokey Quartz – heals and grounds you in high vibes.


Lapis Lazuli – builds and maintains healthy boundaries.


Black Obsidian – grounds and protects you from low vibes.


Scrying Mirror


We’d love to hear your favourite high vibe Gemstone and Crystal, so leave us a comment!

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