Chalmers Gems India FAQs

Chalmers Gems India FAQs

How do I shop the Pop-Up Shop?

You can find the India Pop-Up Shop HERE.

How do I find out when and where the Live Shows are taking place?

All our Live Shows will take place on either Facebook or Instagram. The details of all our Live Shows can be found here:

What is the Free Postage & Packaging code?

Please use indiapp at checkout for Free UK P&P. This code is only valid from Sunday 13th March 2022 until midday on Monday 21st March 2022. If you do not use the coupon code, you will be charged for postage and packaging. Chalmers Gems are unable to refund any paid postage and packaging costs.

We are unable to offer free or discounted P&P for customers outside of the UK.

How do I purchase from a Live Show?

It’s straightforward to purchase from a Live Show. Just follow the steps below:

    1. Join Marie on a Live Show and spot the Item you’d like to purchase.
    2. Comment the code of the Item in the Live comments section (Marie will hold the code up)
    3. If your name is called out, the Item is yours! You have committed to purchasing this Item and will b expected to pay for it after the event.
    4. We will build you a Live Show Basket on the Chalmers Gems website. We will email you a link to this basket. If you are a new customer, please send us via DM on social media your email address so we can get in touch. Alternatively, you can contact us via email.
    5. Your Item(s) is only secure for 48 hours after you have clicked on your Basket link and activated it. Please checkout as soon as possible.

How do I pay for items I have claimed during a Live Show?

After a Live Show, we will email you with a link to your Live Show Basket. Please check this out as soon as you receive it. You can use the code indiapp at checkout to receive Free UK P&P. This code is only valid while we’re away in India.

You must checkout your Live Show Basket within 48 hours as your items will only be reserved during this time. Once this time period expires, we can no longer guarantee your Item(s).

Am I paying shipping costs from India?

No! We are offering Free UK P&P on all orders (including website products) during our trip to India. Just use the code indiapp at checkout.

My Live Show Basket has expired as I waited over 48 hours to checkout. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Service Team via DM on social media or email. If we have stock still available we may be able to re-build your Live Show Basket for you. If there is no stock available, unfortunately, you will have missed out on those Items. It is crucial you checkout as soon as possible.

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Items are being cut specifically for you then shipped to Chalmers Gems HQ. We will Quality Check every Item and dispatch it as soon as possible. We estimate this will take roughly eight weeks from your order date.

I missed a Live Show. Can I still purchase items from the show?

Yes! You can browse any items we have remaining from the Live Shows here. If you spot something you’d like, pop it into your basket and checkout.

If you have seen an Item or Items that are not on our website, do not worry, you can contact our Customer Service Team via DM on social media or email. We will check the stock status and add to your basket if we have the Item(s) available.

Something is missing from my Live Show Basket. What should I do?

Please get in touch as soon as possible with our Customer Service Team, who can be contacted via email or DM’d on Instagram or Facebook.

I want to remove something from my Live Show Basket. How do I do this?

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team via email or social media direct message, and they will advise how to update your basket.

I want to add something to my Live Show Basket. How do I do this?

You can browse all the items we have available to add to your order HERE.

I want to request a specific product. Can Marie find it for me?

Chalmers Gems offer a free personal shopping service. So, if there is something specific you’d like, please get in touch via email or DM on Instagram or Facebook, and we can try and find you exactly what you’d like.

When do I need to checkout my Live Show Basket?

Please check out your Live Show Basket as soon as you receive it. Baskets must be checked-out within 48 hours of receiving your link. All Item reservations expire after 48 hours.

How much will postage be?

UK Postage is FREE! As long as you use the coupon indiapp at checkout to receive Free P&P. If you do not use the coupon code, your postage (from the UK) will be charged. We are unable to offer a refund on P&P if you have not used the code.

We are unable to offer free or discounted P&P for customers outside of the UK.

I’ve paid for multiple orders and paid multiple postage costs. Will my orders be sent together?

We will always combine your parcels wherever possible. You don’t have to worry about postage for your Chalmers Gems India Live Baskets as all orders are eligible for Free UK P&P. Just use the code indiapp at checkout. This coupon is only valid from Sunday 13th March to midday Monday 21st March.

Items I have already checked out are still showing in my basket. What should I do?

When you check out, the basket automatically clears down and will not reinstate itself. The only way it will reinstate is if the link in the order notification email is clicked again – even after paying.

What to do:

  1. Consider if you have opened the link in a browser window and have not immediately paid. Then you maybe went back via the link in the email (on another window or device) to pay it.
  2. When you click on the second-order email link, it may have directed you to the original browser window where you left an unpaid basket. Your original products would still be ‘live/available’ as this browser window does not know you have paid elsewhere (It may state if the products are out of stock).
  3. This multi-browser window issue can apply to a single browser on one device or across devices; for example, the customer could open Link 1 on their iPhone or iPad, load the basket and not pay at that point – this creates an ‘incomplete’ basket.
    Then you use your laptop later, clicking the link again, load the basket and pay. The basket will still be ‘live’ on the iPhone or iPad as incomplete. Then you click on Link 2 on your iPhone – it will add to the existing ‘incomplete’ basket, therefore, creating the scenario you are seeing.

Sadly, this is controlled by how the user uses their devices therefore Chalmers Gems have no control over this issue.

We would recommend that the baskets are paid for on one device, or simply close down all browser windows that are open with Chalmers Gems and start afresh, clicking the link in the email. This may be easier for you than deleting items you have paid for.

We hope this helps!


If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop us a comment below.

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