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We believe it is vital that you know who you are buying your product from. It’s that simple.

About Chalmers Gems

Chalmers Gems was created by two best friends, Marie Chalmers and Sheena Gill, and is founded on the unwavering mission to source the best ethical Gemstones and Minerals in the world and supply them at the best possible price to our customers.

Having spent over two decades in the jewellery industry, Marie Chalmers FGA DGA, heads up our Buying Team. As a qualified Gemmologist and Fine Goldsmith, Marie has worked across continents such as India, Africa and China. Marie has travelled the world building strong relationships and a fantastic supply chain, enabling her to bring you the highest quality products at the best possible price. As well as having spent her career controlling multi-million £’s worth of stock, she is well versed in the global gemstone and mineral supply chain and can access some very unique and rare products.

As one of the UK’s most influential people in the jewellery industry (Professional Jeweller), Marie is committed to building the most exciting and honourable business. This encompasses product development and education, building on the training courses she managed at the Assay Office Birmingham – the world’s largest Assay Office.

Come with us to discover the world’s best Gemstones. At Chalmers Gems, we offer a unique and exciting way to buy and sell Gems from around the world. We travel straight to the source, visiting mines, cutting factories and manufacturers handpicking exotic, high-quality Gemstones and showcase them during our Live Shows, on our website and in our pop-up shop. All the Gemstones we find are exclusive to our international trips and are available for a limited time.

We regularly tour India, learning about the Gemstones with our Marie. This is your unique opportunity to be part of and understand your Gemstone’s ethical journey from the mine to your door.

We host amazing, inclusive Live Events across our social media channels on a regular basis throughout the week, so ensure to set notifications on Facebook & Instagram so as not to miss these.

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Global Buying At Your Fingertips

Appointed as your Global Buying Director, Marie hopes to grow Chalmers Gems to great heights and having been, at one point in her career, the World’s second largest diamond buyer (that is literally millions and millions of £’s worth of diamonds procured per year!) her ambition is limitless.

Maries name is over the door of Chalmers Gems as she is the authority in the business. Her passion and sharpness for this industry surpasses most and she leads the team with her unmatched insights and product knowledge.

Award winning technology & creativity

Winning awards is not vital, yet it underpins the expertise in the business as Sheena is a not only an award-winning technologist (hence our amazing website!) but also holds awards for jewellery design which is her life-long passion! Sheena heads up the Marketing and Creative Teams, so we hope this passion and expertise shines in our stock and the way in which we bring it to you.

Listening to our customers is crucial so you will find full contact details on the website and across our social media channels. Let us know what you think – we are only as good as our customers make us!

For further information or queries, please email [email protected]

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