When Autumn Falls: harnessing the season’s power with Crystal Healing

By Emm Reeve 

Welcome to this month’s Blog for all things Crystal Healing! I’m Emm, Chalmers Gems Holistic Practitioner, Belly Dancer and Yoga Teacher, busy Mother and Wife, and I use Crystals and Gemstones in all aspects of my life. By harnessing the energies from these beautiful and authentic pieces from Chalmers Gems, I try to navigate my way through personal, professional, societal, worldwide and universal energetic shifts! I’d love to share with you some of what I’ve learnt along my journey of Crystal Healing and energy work and how you can use your Crystals for your healing and everyday life!

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For many people, Autumn needs no introduction. Crisp, fresh mornings where the cold air clears your lungs, the ground not too sodden as the beautiful warm-coloured leaves fall to the Earth. The breeze is becoming more substantial, the rain is becoming more frequent, and the sound of wildlife harvesting and preparing for the upcoming time to rest.

Possibly now is when you are harvesting the hard work and busyness of the year so far. Perhaps plans are on the brink of coming together, or you are feeling comfortable with what you have achieved. Maybe you are still working hard towards the next chapter of your life. Or finally, perhaps the feeling and energetic shifts within nature currently leave you feeling low, sensitive and in need of extra time alone.

Nature around us shows that at this time of the year, we can let go of whatever we need to; our experiences, emotions, setbacks, and the year so far as we can turn our focus to healing and restoring. There is no right or wrong way to feel at this time of the year; our experiences of the energetic Autumnal shift will affect us all differently.

Our bodies, particularly our lungs and back muscles, can be physically affected at this time of year with colds, coughs, and tighter, tenser muscles. As previously discussed in the Summertime Blog, it can be powerful and connecting to remind ourselves that we are also nature, our bodies are connected to the physical Earth, and our energy is connected to everything around us. I hope that in this month’s Blog, you may be able to highlight parts of you that may need the benefits of Crystal Healing from the powerful Crystals from Chalmers Gems.


Autumnal energy guides us in focusing within and taking notice of our inner awareness, physical body, and energetic bodies. Working with Crystals and Gemstones that enhance the feeling of warmth, comfort and cleansing our spaces are ideal for creating the environment for intuitive healing work. For any of the talented Jewellery Makers, Baltic Amber Mixed Shape Cabochons 3 Piece Pack and Baltic Amber Round Mixed Size Cabochons 5 Pack are perfect for this time of year to wear when at home and outside in nature, as it cleanses and warms our energetic spaces and helps with the healing of the physical body as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, they are millions of years old, therefore they naturally carry an ancient, grounding and protective energy!

The Autumn season is linked with two of our seven main Chakras:

Muladhara (Root near the pubic area of the body) and Swaddisthana (Sacral Chakra below the belly button/womb area for women).

The Root Chakra is an earthy and grounding energy centre, the first Chakra we develop as children. So many of us appreciate and are attracted to working with warming and grounding Tigers Eye. Chalmers Gems have an excellent selection of Tigers Eye products, including Beads, Hearts and Buddha Heads!

Tigers Eye Small Heart 2x2.5cm Top Quality Yellow Tigers Eye Buddha Bead Approx 35 x 35mm 1mm Drill Hole Tigers Eye Chips Approx 100g Tigers Eye Olive Shape Beads Approx 10 x 12 mm 20cm Strand

The Root Chakra is not only associated with feelings of grounding, connection, and security but also with our habits towards our physical bodies, such as the food we eat, the self-limiting beliefs we carry and the fear of moving forward.

Like all (of the very many) Chakras on the body, the energy can be blocked, stagnant or clouded, stopping the free circulation of energy in all the seven main Chakras. The Gemstone Chakra Set In Free Gift Bag: Grounding can be used in many ways, including holding the Gemstones in your hands during a grounding Meditation, placing the Stones on the Chakras during relaxation, and having them in your space at home or work.

They are one of my frequently used Gemstone sets as they are so versatile! I tend to pick some out intuitively unless I feel like working with them all at the same time – use your intuition, and your energy will know which is needed!

The Sacral Chakra is the centre of creativity, manifesting, and relationships with ourselves and others. I often cleanse and recharge this Chakra when things feel stagnant or when difficult relationships and friendships arise.

We can also carry a lot of shame and self-doubt in this area when it is unbalanced or blocked. Equally, if the Sacral Chakra is overactive, it can lead to intense feelings, irrational decision making and a sense of ‘losing control’ in any respect.

As it is associated with the colour orange, the Sacral Chakra can be gently cleansed and balanced using warming orange-coloured Crystals and Gemstones (Did you know you can use the filters on Chalmers Gems website to choose the colour of your required Crystals?). Jasper Crystals and Gemstones are always effective for grounding, realigning, and connecting our energy.

For working with an overactive Sacral Chakra, Ocean Jasper Tumble Stones can help start the fluid flow of energy and be placed on the Sacral Chakra or carry them with you when out and about. Red Skin Jasper Cabochons contain the iron mineral associated with physiological health, supports a woman’s natural menstrual cycle, and can help boost and balance our bodies.

Within this theme of release, self-reflection and restoration require the ability to focus the mind, designate the time for ourselves, and enhance our intuitive and meditative skills and abilities.

For anyone wanting to enhance their experience of Meditations, contemplations, and intuitive work, I highly recommend working with Labradorite. Chalmers Gems have an impressive selection of Labradorite, from Palmstones to Bowls and everything in between – you can use any shape that you feel drawn to.

Obelisks can be used for directional healing around the Throat and Third Eye Chakras before and after Meditation or relaxation time. This will open and charge the Chakras and bring the protection of your magical and intuitive abilities!

The Hearts, Eagles, Owls, Snakes, Elephants and Scorpions etc., are both beautiful and practical to hold during your Meditation, journaling time or while simply taking some focused breaths. These are also ideal to have around the home to display their beauty and keep that magical, intuitive energy flowing within your home space. The symbolism of the animals and creatures also represents our connection to nature and the acknowledgement that we are not separate from it.

Labradorite Palmstone Approx 50 x 40 x 10mm Labradorite Eagle Approx 6.5 x 5cm Orange Labradorite Freeform Approx 17cm Labradorite Slices Approx 7 x 3mm 38cm Strand With Spacers

Creating an altar space at home and the events I host, such as Crystal Healing Ceremonies and workshops, Women’s Circles and well-being sessions, helps to create an energetic space or a central point of energy that can be harnessed for all healing purposes.

An altar at home can be very simple to create. It is a way of acknowledging, honouring and connecting to the shift of energy we experience when we move into the Autumn season. By setting up a space that we can look at, connect to, and sit at when we meditate or set intentions, we create an energetic space of warming, nurturing, cleansing frequency energy that flows through our environment and body.

In my Autumnal altars, I really like to add naturally fallen leaves, acorns, conkers, stones, sticks and pinecones I find when out walking, collecting them using my intuition and respectfully using them for my altar (or allowing my children to choose- children are so intuitive!).

I like to add candles to welcome the Fire element- especially prominent at this time of year. The fire element is powerful for ‘burning up’ what we wish to release and let go of forever. Tarot/Oracle cards for guidance (not essential but always handy if you work with cards!). Incense/Palo Santo/Sage for cleansing the space, leaving only the high vibrational energy.

At home, I may add photos, artwork or inspirational quotes that mean something to me. And finally, CRYSTALS! Below I have selected pieces from Chalmers Gems that would complement your Autumnal altars to help create a powerful, dynamic, and excellent flow of energy!


Bloodstone’s energy vibrates through our Aura to bring fluidity of the energy – ideal to use when releasing old habits or self-limiting beliefs. It helps the body to remove toxins as the energy starts to shift. Not only is Bloodstone powerful and releasing to work with during Autumn, but the beautiful tree shape is also so fitting and connecting with this season. It would look lovely on an altar at home.


An incredible Crystal from a hot part of the world that helps us to work with the fire element for strength, ability, vitality, and passion. You can use this piece to charge your rings (especially diamond and Crystal Gemstone rings), or you could place this in your altar with the Point up to the Sun. You can then use the Point for directional healing around the Aura, charging it up and giving us protection too!


Acorns also work with the Autumnal symbolism and would be an ideal gift for children (You can also find Mookaite Acorns HERE). Chalmers Gems have a whole range of Lepidolite Crystals which has been known as the ‘The Stone of Transition’ because its energy brings about a sense of change, ability and protection within us. During Autumn, we experience a whole energetic transition and Lepidolite will help to balance our energy, emotions and physiological responses within our bodies.

Lepidolite Acorn Approx 3cm

As we continue to shift into this colourful, elemental, spiritual and restorative season, we can use Crystal Healing in so many ways for our energetic, emotional and physical health. One of the aspects of Crystal Healing I love the most is that it can be straightforward to use within our lives to really enhance our experiences and well-being. Crystal Healing can begin simply by keeping Gemstones on your windowsill in your house to bring energy to the space. It can also be as intentional as directional healing with points or wands for specific energetic needs. We can also use Crystal Grids for very powerful Crystal Healing purposes. In next month’s Blog, we will learn more about Crystal Grids and how they can be used!


I end this Blog with an offering to help you begin your self-awareness and journey within. Three simple questions to ask yourself, and possibly journal, when you have created a designated space for yourself with your Crystals and Gemstones, which you can hold or have within your space. Burning incense, Palo Santo or Sage during this can also help to cleanse the energy. This healing experience can take you as little or much time as you wish to complete.

  1. What are my thoughts, feelings and experiences of Autumn?
  2. What word or theme would I give to my life right now?
  3. What do I need to let go of and truly release from my mind, body and energetic soul?

Wishes of restorative wellness to you all.

Emm xx


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