Rough v Polished Crystals – Which Gemstones are better?

Rough v Polished - Which Gemstones are better - Blog cover image.

Rough v Polished - Which Gemstones are better - Blog cover image.

By Danni Saint

Which are better rough or polished Gemstones? This is something we are asked a lot, and there are many opinions on this topic, it can be a bit controversial.

When people ask us this question, most are seeking a better stone or more powerful. In reality, more powerful or stronger doesn’t necessarily mean better – think The Tortoise and the Hare fable we were all taught as a child. Like many things in life, it depends on you as an individual and the specific situation.

Many Crystal Healers and Collectors feel that rough stones have this forceful and robust presence, where polished stones have subtle and gentle energy. Polished Crystal radiate outwards in all directions, and in general, they are amazing day-to-day Gemstones or if you are sensitive to energy. Rough specimens tend to aid you when a big push or breakthrough is desired due to their intensity.

There are thoughts that the more natural or unworked a Crystal is, the more its energy is untacked and raw. However, this may not have been your experience at all. We circle back to your situation or needs. So really it is up to you? Gemstones and their properties are as unique as we as individuals.

At Chalmers Tower, we have mixed opinions! Marie and Sophie prefer Rough and Natural Gemstones, Danni prefer polished and Sheena likes a mixture of both!

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