Scorpio Season – Zodiac & Crystals

Scorpio & Crystals

By Danni Saint

Scorpio – October 23rd – November 21st

As the nights crawl in and the days get shorter, we enter Scorpio season. We think of this time of year as spiritually darker – after all, Halloween falls at the beginning of Scorpio. Dark and Mysterious Scorpio will be ruling us until November 21st bringing us time to tune into our inwards monologue and hidden truths holding us back in life. We have curated a fantastic bundle of Gemstones perfect for Scorpios! Keep reading to find out more and for an exclusive offer!

Scorpio is known as the success sign, very fitting with its strengths of bravery, passion and resourcefulness. However, be aware of potentially disruptive weaknesses from Scorpios. A perfect Gemstone for Scorpio is Rhodonite which stabilises and promotes compassion counteracting disruptive activities.

Scorpio’s are known to achieve their goals and ambitions due to their immense drive and desire to accomplish the task at hand. Malachite is a Crystal of commitment and transformation – promoting balance, abundance, manifestation and intention. Malachite will help pull those leadership traits from a Scorpio. Malachite and Scorpio may be a match made in heaven!

Pluto and Mars rule the Scorpio sign. Pluto is the planet of inner transformation and regeneration, whilst Mars pushes you forwards and provides logical initiative to live energetic and robust. These individuals are known for being calm and relaxed, looking mysterious and hard to figure out. Sodalite enhances the deep logical thinking of a Scorpio whilst tapping into their intuition for a spiritual awakening.

Dark purple Gemstones such as Amethyst aid Scorpios achieve enlightenment and guide you towards Pluto’s purpose-led and spiritual awakening journey.

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  • Malachite Heart
  • Amethyst Moons
  • Sodalite Geometric
  • Rhodonite Rounds


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