How To Set Your Chakra Crystal Grid

By Sheena Gill

All of the Gemstones in our CHAKRA CRYSTAL GRID BOX SET have been selected for their energies so they can work together to help clear, align and invigorate your Chakras. Each comes with a Bespoke Bamboo Grid Box and the Gemstones you will need for this manifestation.

1 x Clear Quartz

1 x Red Calcite

1 x Amber

1 x Yellow Danburite

1 x Malachite

1 x Blue Calcite

1 x Tanzanite

1 x Amethyst

1 x Black Tourmaline

8 x Clear Quartz Small Energy Flowing Points

Each of the powers and energies from these caring and powerful Gemstones will flow through your Grid. This list is in the order you will place the Crystals on the Grid.

Grids are an essential tool for setting intentions and for manifestation. Our Grids are designed to enable you to readily set your Grid and position it appropriately and for the Gemstones to be used, with their supercharged energies, in your everyday life.

This bespoke CHAKRA CRYSTAL GRID BOX SET is constructed from 100% Bamboo and is adorned with an exclusive sacred etching of a Mandala bespoke to Chalmers Gems. Inscribed with the Chalmers Gems marque, you are guaranteed the quality & value that we put into every product we sell.

The Mandala is essential for Grid setting as it offers a sacred power along with the symmetry required to set a Grid for the energy of the Crystals to flow smoothly and equally. This also goes for the size of the Gemstones, so we have ensured, as best we can with a natural product, that each Gemstone is somewhat equal to its counterpart.

This CHAKRA GRID will help you align your energy centres using quality Gemstones, all hand-selected by Marie Chalmers specifically for this purpose. The manifestation of this Grid will also be incredibly relaxing and stress-busting.

(See below for all the meanings of these Gemstones)

How To Use Your Chakra Grid:
  1. Construct your Bamboo Grid Box if you have not already done so. (Tutorial available here).
  1. Remove your beautiful Gemstones and cleanse them, perhaps with sage or in your Selenite bowl, before you start your Grid assembly. 
  1. You can either use the entire Box or just the lid for your Grid assembly.
  1. Set yourself up in a quiet space, get into the right headspace and the right mood – maybe light incense or a candle or some spiritual music would be nice. Set yourself a nice scene.
  1. When you are ready, take your centre Crystal – the single Clear Quartz Rough and place it in the Mandala’s centre. As you place it, feel the energy and repeat the Mantra:
    “Align and cleanse my Chakras to bring harmony and balance and to supercharge my Chakra Energies.”
    You can repeat this up to three times if you wish.
  1. Now move on to placing the Chakra Crystals in order from the Base Chakra in a clockwise direction. Do this slowly & deliberately until you have closed the Mandala Circle. Use the Mandala to guide you. Each placement comes with a different repeatable Mantra. Feel free to repeat the Mantra in each case up to three times.
    Red Calcite – Root Chakra
    “Keep me grounded and stable. Give me courage.”
  1. Amber – Sacral Chakra
    “Use your life force to offer me strength and endurance.”
  1. Yellow Danburite – Solar Plexus Chakra
    “I am confident, and I welcome warmth.”
  1. Malachite – Heart Chakra
    “I make myself open to compassion and offer unconditional love.”
  1. Blue Calcite – Throat Chakra
    “I can make myself understood, and I am patient to understand others.”
  1. Tanzanite – Third Eye Chakra
    “My intuition guides me as a faithful friend.”
  1. Amethyst – Crown Chakra
    “Heal and calm me. Bring me inner harmony.”
  1. Black Tourmaline – Protection
    “Retain my positive energies and protect my aura from negative influence.”
    Now we want to get all that energy flowing. Take one of your small Clear Quartz Crystal Points and with the point facing in the same direction (remember these are natural Gemstones and are how they grow, so the point may be less obvious – that’s ok) place it between the outside Gemstones & the Crystal in the middle. Their energy will start to flow!
  1. Now take the remaining Clear Quartz Crystal Points and place them between each of the outside Gemstones. The energy should start to flow as you have created a fully circular energy flow.
  1. One final step is to take your last two Clear Quartz Crystal Points and place them facing outwards from the Black Tourmaline. This is to direct negative energy away from the Grid.
  1. Your Grid is now complete. Give it a few minutes to reflect on the energies of each of the Crystals and then take the centre stone in either hand & hold it to your heart. Then after taking three grounding breaths, recite aloud what you wish to manifest. You can change this to suit you: Align and cleanse my Chakras to bring Harmony & Balance and to supercharge my Chakra Energies.
    • All of the Crystals are now supercharged talismans. You can either replace the central stone and leave the Grid assembled*, or you can take any of the Gemstones and pop them wherever you feel you need this supercharged energy most. You might want to gift them full of this unconditional energy and share the love!
    • Once you are finished with your Grid, deconstruct it and thank each Gemstone and clear it for its next purpose,

    * We recommend you leave your Grid assembled for at least 24 hours before you disassemble it, but you can leave it for as long as you wish – perhaps on display where you can be reminded of the energy and interact with it when you need to.

The Gemstones
Clear Quartz:

Energy Flow

Clear Quartz is the most versatile Crystal, and we all need this in our Collections. As a cleansing Gem, it clears energies and is used in practice to amplify the power of other Crystals that are used with it.

Being the perfect stone for Meditation, we can use Clear Quartz on or near the Crown Chakra, where it opens up positive thinking and awakens spirituality.

As a master healing stone, Clear Quartz can be used in any situation and with all conditions, which is why it is such an essential Gemstone in any Collection. A deeply cleansing and purifying stone, use Clear Quartz for clarity of thinking and when you need to concentrate more.

Red Calcite:

The Root Chakra

This Crystal is highly grounding and protective. Allow it to safeguard your energetic, physical, and emotional boundaries. Red Calcite allows you to centre and ground your energy, perfectly complimenting the Root Chakra.


The Sacral Chakra

Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind and spirit and cleansing the environment around you. It is no coincidence that Amber comes from ancient trees. Like the trees taking in carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, Amber transforms negative energy into positive ones. Its warm and sunny brightness is soothing to the mind and emotions, perfect for strength and endurance.

Yellow Danburite:

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Danburite is a very spiritual Crystal. Its pure high vibrations make it perfect for easing stress and worry. The radiant yellow sunshine glow uplifts you and warms your soul.


Heart Chakra

Malachite is a gorgeous, luxurious, powerful Gemstone with many powerful healing qualities. Malachite is all about getting rid of and protecting against negative vibes, and it flushes away wretched toxic emotions. Clearing those unwanted energies encourages and achieves an overall sense of wellbeing and love.

Malachite is a beautiful Gemstone that clears & activates the Chakras – especially the Heart Chakra—opening it up for some unconditional love.

Blue Calcite:

Throat Chakra

Blue Calcite is a gentle healing Crystal that calms our nerves and encourages rest and relaxation. Its subtle energy facilitates positive communication skills and creates an optimising point of view. This makes it extremely useful during times of nerves, mental adjustments or disagreements.


Third Eye Chakra 

Metaphysically, Tanzanite encourages you to harness your inner strength. It is a high vibrational Crystal linked to angelic realms and spiritual guides. Tanzanite helps promote stillness, removes feelings of lethargy in your body and brings your repressed feelings up to the surface.


Crown Chakra

Amethyst is one of the most effective Crystals for healing. It reverberates with the high-frequency energies of the Crown  Chakra as it opens, activates, and heals. It massively calms and soothes the mind, body, and spirit. As Amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra, it is a super Gemstone to help us with positive thinking and expel negativity in our practices.

Black Tourmaline:


A heavily grounding stone, Black Tourmaline, is generally used as a balancing, mental health Gemstone that orientates the left & right hemispheres as it transmutes the negative into positive.

Black Tourmaline disperses tension and stress as it grounds the emotional self and can assist in a deeper understanding of ourselves as it ais us to go deeper within. Promoting self-confidence, Black Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion & tolerance.

As we clear negative thoughts, we allow for clearer thinking. Black Tourmaline aids in replacing those negative feelings with a more rational thought process – it is ideal for helping us work through an issue bound in negativity.


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