Crystal Healing Q&A with Holistic Practitioner Emm from Emira Energy

BLOG - Monday 21st February 2022 - Crystal Healing Q&A

By Danni Saint

We recently welcomed Emm to Team Chalmers Gems as our Holistic Practitioner and would love for you to get to know her and her thoughts of Crystal Healing. Emm sat down with Danni for a little Crystal Healing Q&A. 

So, please could you let us know a little bit about you?

I’m Emm, also known as Emira from Emira Belly Dance and Emira Energy. I’ve been a qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner for five years. However, I have worked with Crystals and Gemstones all my life, being aware of the feeling of energies. 

Where did your Holistic Journey begin? 

My interest in Gemstones has grown from a childhood fascination to using them for healing, revitalisation, release, improving energy and sleep in my everyday life and for others. I am very honoured to work with people for wellbeing, healing, self-reflection and improving health. I primarily work with people at Women’s Circle’s, Tarot & Crystal events, Belly Dance and Children’s Yoga. 

Do you have a favourite Crystal? Why? 

I definitely have a few trusty favourites that I always use within my Collection, but I can’t choose one favourite! The amazing thing about using Crystals for our wellbeing and healing work is that we can change the Crystals we are working with, however often we wish, to suit our energy, feelings, intentions and goals.

The few that I love to use regularly are Rose Quartz for heart energy healing, feelings of connection to my body and home and for a good nights sleep! Clear Quartz to help find balance in a busy family, professional and social life! Amazonite to keep my ideas and intentions flowing and to be able to communicate them and my work at events such as Crystal Healing workshops.

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Why do you feel people seek out Holistic practices?

Now more than ever, I believe people are feeling the impact of our hectic, modern and stressful lives and are taking account of their own wellbeing to find a way to manage and enjoy life! On top of improving our emotional and mental wellbeing, there are also known benefits with using Crystals for supporting our physical health by improving our energetic health around our vital organs, nervous system and muscles.

How do Crystals play a part in Holistic Practices? 

Holistic practises are rising once again and becoming regular within society, and there are many fantastic healers and practitioners that can offer Crystal massages, energy healing with Crystals, Yoga with Crystals and learning workshops – as we can ALL work with and utilise Crystal Healing in our lives!

At events I host, such as a Women’s Circle, I will add Crystals to the altar to enhance the energy within the session. At the beginning of the practice, I will set an intention with Crystals and light the candles. Anyone can create an altar at home using Crystals, Grids, candles and a cleansing product such as Incense/Palo Santo/ Sage etc.

I also often encourage the use of Palmstones for Meditations, grounding practises and breathwork. Palmstones can connect and be a powerful way to tune into our feelings, intuition, intentions, and energy. I currently love working Tiger Eyes Palmstones and Hearts. As we are approaching Springtime, there is a feeling of creation, development, getting busier and bringing plans to action, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, disorganised or in need of grounding- which Tigers Eye is perfect for!

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What should you do with Crystals? Carry them? Hold them? 

Working with Crystals is a personal practice – there is no right or wrong! My advice for anyone starting their healing or energy work with Crystals is to work intuitively, feeling the energy of the Crystal and discovering what you want to do with it. The energy from different Crystals varies according to their age, location of creation, environment, etc. They can all be used in different ways. Still, you must choose what you feel connected to, not what they are believed to be used for! We are often attracted to the Crystals that will bring us what we need at the time.

You can do so many things with Crystals at home or when out and about!

Here are some of my regular uses in everyday life:

  1. Having Crystals displayed in relaxation environments such as the living room or bedroom. The energy from them helps to create the atmosphere of the room.
  2. Carrying a few Crystals in my bag, or wearing Crystal jewellery, when travelling, driving and working for protection or an energy boost!
  3. Holding a Palmstone when Meditating or just relaxing with a book/film. You can even use Palmstones (or any Gemstones) by placing them on parts of your body where you may be feeling tense, unwell or anxious etc. They are also fantastic for working with our energy Chakras (Chalmers Gems has a whole introduction blog to Chakra, you can read it here), placing them on one of the seven main Chakras. I often use my Chalmers Gems Chakra Bags for my personal Chakra cleanse and also at my events.
  4. When doing relaxation practises, I use my Crystals to surround my Yoga mat or around the edge of a hot bubble bath. I love having a Crystal on my forehead as I take a few moments to lay in bed and take some deep breaths before falling asleep. The energy from our Crystals can help us process information, allow our body and mind to connect to our reactions to different situations, and dream and enhance our third eye/intuition.
  5. Use an Energy Grid to set a powerful intention (or cast a spell, if you will!) and place the Grid in a location with purpose. For example, suppose I use an energy Grid for energy and endurance. In that case, I will set the intention of what I need energy and endurance for and locate it where I will mostly be putting action to that intention. For example, if I have a lot of coursework/projects/admin to complete, I would set an intention to achieve my tasks with confidence, clarity, passion and development. I will then place the Grid next to where I sit on my laptop in my workspace!

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Is it true Crystals can block and protect you from negative and draining vibes? 

It is so important to remember that using Crystals for energy work has been done for thousands of years worldwide. Our ancestors would have used Crystals in ceremonies, jewellery, offerings and for purposes, they could have been most concerned about- protection!

I do believe in an energetic frequency from Crystals that can offer protection. Looking at the science of what energy is, we know that higher and lower frequencies have naturally been associated and experienced as positive and negative ‘vibes’, if you will.

Think of a time when you have entered a room and you’ve just picked up on a vibe/energy of the room, a person, a situation etc, even if no one has said or done anything. We naturally sense the vibration of our environment and those within it. We can use different Crystals to protect ourselves from negative or draining vibes.

For protection, the Crystals I recommend are usually darker colours such as Hematite, Black Jade, and Black Tourmaline.


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How should I look after my Crystals?

To get the most out of working with Crystal energy we should cleanse their energy by using a cleansing product such as Incense/Palo Santo/ Sage etc., and charging them under the moonlight. I recommend charging under a full moon, but go with it if you feel attracted to any other moon phase! I charge my Crystals on a selenite charging plate – Crystals need an energetic boost too!

Display them with care and perhaps keep others in a box or bag that won’t get damaged! I keep my box of Crystals in the living room. Even though I may not be working with all of them simultaneously, their energy is still there from the box!

Please don’t use any cleaning products on them. I generally don’t get my Crystals wet unless I want to refresh them in a local stream, but make sure you find out if your Crystals can get wet as some don’t work with water element!

Finally, and most importantly, work with the energies from Crystals intuitively and naturally- allow yourself to hold them put them on your body and in your space. Our energy works with them, too; it’s a two-way energetic partnership!


Thank you so much Emm for that amazing insight into Crystal Healing. If you have any questions you’d like Emm to answer pop them in the comments below. We all can’t wait to learn more from you over the coming months!

4 thoughts on “Crystal Healing Q&A with Holistic Practitioner Emm from Emira Energy”

  1. Very interesting, I’m a beginner and learning so much every day. I’m really opening up to my journey and learning to make jewellery it something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and I’m finally in the right mind place to make it happen.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Cerian, that sounds so positive and I’m sure you’ll make wonderful crystal jewellery filled with positive energy 🥰 enjoy the journey xx

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