Crystal Healing – How to work with the Full Moon?

Crystal Healing – How to work with the Full Moon?

By Danni Saint

We can all utilise and harness the power of the Moon; when we feel its power, we can gain energy from its presence. 

The Moon has four main phases.

New Moon: a time of new beginnings and setting intentions

Waxing Moon: a time for inspiration, action and transformation 

Full Moon: a time of celebration and gratitude

Waning Moon: a time for hitting the reset button, releasing and cleansing

The Full Moon is the ideal time to reach for your Crystals and set some intentions whilst being guided by the Moon’s energy. A Full Moon occurs every 29.5 days. The energy of completion, full circle moments, fulfilment, outpouring, and passion are all present during a Full Moon.

Our favourite Crystal to use during a full Moon is Selenite. This Crystal oozes Moon Energy through its ethereal white appearance to its intense vibrations. Selenite is named after the lunar goddess Selene, so you can see how deeply connected to lunar energy it is.

Selenite is a fantastic light-bringer. It is a Gem that emanates happiness, calm, and positivity. It is well known that the Full Moon awakens darker emotions, anxieties, and insecurities. You can process those with the aid of Selenite. It has a remarkable way of fending off and dispelling any negativity, density, and tension that might surface against the Full Moon Energy.


Gemstones can hold and absorb energy, albeit positive or negative. For this reason, it is essential to cleanse and charge your Crystals. Spending time giving them attention and love will keep your energy and Stone in harmony – creating a powerful bond and safe space for manifestation and protection. A Full Moon is a perfect time to do this!

Moonlight is supercharging and safe for all Crystals and Gemstones. There is mystical magic about the Moon, and Crystals thrive on regular moonlight baths. Here are our tips for cleansing and charging your Gemstones with moonlight.

  1. Lay your Crystals outside in a place where the moonlight will shine upon them for potent charging. Ideally, this should be on the earth or a natural surface. You may even like to do a Crystal grid with them.
  2. Indoor windowsills or tables near a window are also good options.
  3. If possible, leave your Gemstones to cleanse overnight and collect them in the morning.
  4. Many metallic minerals can rust in water, so be careful if there is morning dew.
  5. The Full Moon will also charge the natural properties of your Stones. However, it is also crucial to program/charge your Crystals with your intentions. Perhaps you have a specific goal for the month, or you would like support with an intention? When charging your Gems, try to focus on a need rather than a want.
  6. It is essential to express gratitude towards your Crystals, the Moon, the universe and energies or whatever your higher power may be. This is your final step – say thank you.

Do you have any Full Moon Rituals you take part in? We’d love to hear them – why not leave us a comment below?


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