Lapis Lazuli Olive Shape Beads Approx 12 x 10mm 20cm Strand

Elevate your Jewellery Makes with our Lapis Lazuli Olive Beads!


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Product Description

Lapis Lazuli Olive Shape Beads Approx 12 x 10mm 20cm Strand

Olive Beads elevate your Jewellery Makes to the next level.

Our Lapis Lazuli Olive Shape Beads come on a 20cm Strand. Each Bead is approximately 10 x 12mm with a 0.6mm Drill hole.

These beauties are just £8 per Strand. Imagine all the Jewellery Makes you could create with these gorgeous Beads. Here are a few ideas for our Olive Shape Beads:

  • Create a Lapis Lazuli piece of Jewellery for the ultimate blue accessory
  • Use as spacer Beads with a Cabochon or larger Beads
  • Combine with other colours from our Olive Bead range to create a statement Make!

These Beads are impeccably sized for all your Jewellery Making needs; the possibilities really are endless.

You are guaranteed a high-quality cut and polish with every Lapis Lazuli Olive Shape Bead, which we promise you. All our items at Chalmers Gems come with an Authenticity Certificate. Download your certificate from your account.

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Lapis Lazuli Gemmology Facts:

Lapis Lazuli has the inclusion of Iron Pyrites, which we know better as Pyrite or Fool’s Gold! This brassy, golden metallic sparkly material shows as excellent, unique specks in these gorgeous Cabochons. Which perfectly permeates the rich blue background, giving this remarkable speckled effect.

If you didn’t already know, this feature is a good one where Lapis Lazuli is concerned as often, dyed Howlite is passed off as Lapis, but of course, that doesn’t have these beautiful inclusions!

Crystal Healing Properties: What is Lapis Lazuli good for?

Known as The Stone of Wisdom, Lapis Lazuli will bring out your confidence and allow you to express yourself once more. Wearing your Lapis Lazuli close to the skin will let you soak up its high vibrations and let its power flow directly into your soul.

When we talk about vibrations and Crystal, it can be hard to understand what we mean! Everything in the world moves with a magnetic pulse and vibration. Scientists have taught us that every atom in the universe is constantly in motion, and metaphysicians have taught us that every object is surrounded by its little vibrational energy sphere. We know this as an aura.

Crystals are unique in nature. Their atoms follow the most systematical pattern possible, creating a crystal lattice. Due to this incredible atomic structure, Gemstones are powerful holders and transmitters of energy and vibration. As humans, we have a messy and chaotic atomical structure; our auras and atoms are harmonised by interacting with Crystals.

Allow yourself to gaze into its imagery of a night sky with glistening stars weaving throughout the fantastic blue. You will instantly feel comforted, and your negative energy will fade away.

Lapis Lazuli is not suitable for water cleansing, so we suggest keeping it clean with a Chalmers Gems Gemstone Cleaning & Polishing Cloth.

Lapis Lazuli is known to have soft, gentle healing energy; it labours on our behalf to help us relieve the tensions and reinstate the calm after the storm. What could be more perfect for today’s climate?

Lapis Lazuli, whilst beautiful, is a Gemstone that helps us see into ourselves by way of soothing the way to acknowledgement and empowers us to take responsibility for our choices. It’s also a little bit of an irony unto itself as it’s one of those Gemstones we all wish to possess. Yet, one of its qualities is its ability to help us free ourselves from the material world – we all know what Alanis Morrisette would say about that!

The great thing to know about Lapis Lazuli is its integrity as a healing Crystal as it helps us get real, stay honest and above all, be authentic – just like our 100% natural Lapis!

What Chakra des Lapis Lazuli open?

Lapis Lazuli is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, motivated by wisdom and intuition. Lapis Lazuli will help if you find it hard to concentrate and feel overwhelmed by the world around you.


One of the most important things to remember if you own Gemstones or Crystals is to care for them properly. Gemstones should be carefully cared for like any other item we love. We recommend using the Chalmers Gems Gemstone Cleaning & Polishing Cloth to keep your Gems clean.


All counts, measurements and weights are approximate.

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Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Blue, Gold
  • Country:
  • Afghanistan
  • Dimensions (From To in MM):
  • Approx 12 x 10
  • Gemstone:
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Shape:
  • Olive
  • Treatment:
  • Natural, Stabilised

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