Libra Season – Zodiac & Crystals

By Sophie Ahmed 

September 23 – October 22

Libra Season is upon us, the days and the nights are becoming equal in length and the earth and sun are in balance. Airy Libra will be ruling us until October 22nd bringing us the desire for connection and balance. Virgo season can be intense but Libra has come to offer a breath of fresh air and this is the time to sort out your priorities and clear anything that does not serve you anymore.

The planet ruling sign of Libra is Venus, the planet of love, so this time will be a great time for romance or even nurturing your other loving relationships. This might manifest into self-love as well and growing as an individual, to drive and create adding more beauty to the world. Libras love to be enriched by music, art and beautiful places so use this time to explore and delve into what we love. This season is sure to bring out our more charismatic and curious sides just like the lovely Libra.

The symbol of Libra is the scales which represents their mindset to be able to balance justice and a weighing of decisions. They are natural peacemakers and seek to bring harmony to different situations. They want to make sure everyone around them is happy, which can be a blessing as well as a burden. Libras are air signs and they can access higher wisdom and see the positive and negative in every situation which can make them very indecisive.

Read below to find out about Libra Crystals and the benefits they will give you during this loving Libra Season.


Emerald is a Libra crystal that can be used to bring more love and patience to your life. It soothes the emotions and energises your thoughts. This Gem will be sure to bring out the best version of yourself. Aligned with the Heart Chakra, Emerald is a useful Gem for regeneration and recovery and building positivity. Just what we need after an intense Virgo season.



This Libra Gemstone opens up the mind, and help you understand and respect others. It promotes the harmony of the Libra sign and helps you find a balance in life. This Crystal will instantly promote feelings of calm, just by gazing into the gorgeous colours of this Gem. Just like the sea, Aquamarine holds themes of reflection inviting you to explore and discover your truths. Libra season is the time for self-love and growing as an individual.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline brings you peace and protection. It alleviates stress and anxiety, helping you to feel positivity in difficult times. This Libra stone removes negative energy inside the body and mind as well out in your surroundings. Connected to our Base Chakras, these earthly roots will help us feel safe and secure, opening us up to be trusting and loving again, just like the loving Libras.


Lapis Lazuli 

Born at the beginning of the shift from summer into darker nights, Lapis Lazuli can make an amazing match for Libras who want to keep their internal light shining bright. This wise and intuitive stone is known for nurturing self-expression and encouraging those balance loving Libras to explore their inner truth.

Libras can pick Lapis Lazuli to be their birthstone. This birthstone for Libra centres around the air element, helping you go into a deeper reflection, access your intuition, and achieve serenity.


Rose Quartz

Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, it is no surprise that Libras have a strong connection to Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz teaches love in many forms, opening up the Heart Chakra and connecting to true self-love and acceptance. This crystal will support Libra in giving and receiving love in balance. Rose Quartz is the perfect Gem for all of us as it helps to purify hearts and opens them to promote a love of any kind; self-love, feelings of peace, friendship and inner healing.


With the help of Libra Crystals, Libra sun signs can enhance their natural gifts and improve their weaknesses. It is important to note that we will all feel the energy of Libra working in our lives, regardless of our star sign. So these crystals will benefit us all during this balance Libra season. The energies of Libra are at work now.

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