What is Crystal Gridding and How to use a Crystal Grid?

What is Crystal Gridding and How to use a Crystal Grid?

By Sheena Gill

Crystal Gridding is a form of spiritual practice that combines Crystals with intentions, affirmations, and visualisation. It involves creating a Grid or pattern of healing Stones on a flat surface, often in the shape of a mandala, to create a powerful energetic field. This energy field is believed to amplify positive intentions, allowing them to be more effectively manifested into reality. The process also helps one to become more connected with intuition and spiritual power. It can be used for various purposes, such as manifesting goals and healing emotional issues. People may choose certain Crystals for their Grids based on their needs and the energy they wish to attract.

Our Handcrafted Bespoke Bamboo Boxes have been designed to complement your Crystal Collection so you can store them in an organic way.

At Chalmers Gems, we source all of our products ethically and sustainably. So, when it came to designing and creating our Crystal Healing Storage Range, this philosophy rang true throughout the process.


Starting with the material, we decided upon 100% Bamboo components immediately. Although this is a much more expensive route than many storage boxes we see in the market, we also wanted to uphold our quality virtues.


Using this incredible and ethically sourced material was also important, as we felt that the healing qualities within the Bamboo itself would resonate strongly with our customers.

Bamboo is noted as a symbol of health, strength and flexibility. It enables us to garner inner peace whilst finding balance in our worlds. Bamboo is also renowned as a self-esteem material as it helps clear our energy channels. It can lift your mood immensely.

When it comes to Crystal care and Crystal Healing, Bamboo has miraculous energy-clearing properties. Creating our boxes from 100% Bamboo would echo this amazing ability – perfect for Crystal storage.


Our Crystal Grid Boxes are adorned with the most beautiful, exclusive to Chalmers Gems, bespoke Mandala design. This box has been created to be a multi-purpose storage box that will enable you to create a Crystal Grid upon the lid should you wish to do so.

The Mandala is a sacred symbol in Asian culture used both spiritually and ritually. We have chosen to etch our largest Crystal Grid Box with this sacred symmetrical design, so you can utilise it to design and create your Intentions, Affirmations and Spells.

Our boxes have a sliding lid at the top, enabling you to store your Crystals easily. Plus, they are branded with the Chalmers Gems logo, which is the marque of quality.

How To Construct Your Bamboo Bespoke Crystal Grid Box

Each Bamboo Bespoke Crystal Grid Box comes with Bamboo Spacers inside that you put together to house your Crystals in a myriad of variables. You can make larger or smaller spaces using these cleverly crafted inserts to house your Gems in precisely the way you wish.

In your box, you will find the following:

  • Four large spacers
  • 3-4 smaller spacers
  1. Start by removing the spacers and decide how you would like your spaces. Would you like them larger or smaller?
  1. Pop two of the largest spaces inside the Box, either vertically or horizontally, with the teeth facing upwards.
  1. Insert the remaining two large spacers, teeth facing into the upturned spacers like this. You will be able to determine your own spacing until you are happy with how they cross over and create sections.
  1. Taking the smaller spaces (if you wish to use them), you can determine additional smaller partitions. Again, place the upturned teeth and slot them in.
  1. Once you have determined your spacers, you can add your Gems to your Crystal Grid Box and store them organically and safely.


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