Once in a Blue Moon – Magical Full Moon for Crystal Charging

Full Blue Moon - Crystal Cleansing

By Danni Saint

Sunday 22 August 2021 marks the third of four full moons this season; it is known as a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon only happens once every few years, giving the term “Once in a Blue Moon”. There usually are only three full moons each season of the year. But since full moons occur every 29.5 days, occasionally, a season will contain four. Blue moons happen every 2.7 years, making it very mighty and supercharging for Gemstones and Crystals. Moon baths under this type of moon will keep your crystals extra happy and glowingly healthy!

In the northern hemisphere, this moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Sturgeon Moon. The large sturgeon fish of the Great Lakes and other major lakes were easier to catch at this time of year. This moon has also been known as the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon (relevant to the harvest).

In the southern hemisphere, this moon has been called the Full Kangaroo Moon. Kangaroos and wallabies have their joeys emerging from their safe and warm pouches as they start exploring their environment. This full moon could also be called The Full Growing Moon.

Full Moon Ritual – Crystal Cleansing

Gemstones can hold and absorb energy, albeit positive or negative. For this reason, it is essential to cleanse and charge your crystals. Spending time giving them attention and love will keep your energy and stone in harmony – creating a powerful bond and safe space for manifestation and protection. A full moon is a perfect time to do this!

Moonlight is supercharging and safe for all Crystals and Gemstones. There is mystical magic about the moon, and crystals thrive on regular moonlight baths. Here are our tips for cleansing and charging your Gemstones with moonlight.

  1. Lay your Crystals outside in a place where the moonlight will shine upon them for potent charging. Ideally, this should be on the earth or a natural surface. You may even like to do a crystal grid with them.
  2. Indoor windowsills or tables near a window are also good options.
  3. If possible, leave your Gemstones to cleanse overnight and collect them in the morning.
  4. Many metallic minerals can rust in water, so be careful if there is morning dew.
  5. The Full Moon will also charge the natural properties of your stones. However, it is also crucial to programme/charge your crystals with your intentions. Perhaps you have a specific goal for the months, or you would like support with an intention? When charging your gems, try to focus on a need rather than a want.
  6. It is essential to express your gratitude to your crystals, the moon, the universe and energies or whatever your higher power may be. This is your final step – say thank you.

Do you have any Full Moon Rituals you take part in? We’d love to hear them – why not leave us a comment below?

We also have a little treat for you!!

Did you know Selenite is a cleansing and charging Crystal? Selenite is a no-fuss stone, it dispels negative energy and boosts focus, calmness and clarity. We are going to place ALL OF OUR SELENITE BOWLS into the glow of Sunday’s full moon and harness all of that energy for you! Shop our Selenite Bowls HERE.


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