Selenite Round Bowls are the ideal Crystal for all types of energy clearing.

Selenite Round Bowl 10cm Diameter

Magnifying and Amplifying, these wonderful Selenite Bowls are the perfect storage and showcase companion to your crystals!


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Our expertly cut and perfectly sized Round Selenite Bowl is approximately 10cm in diameter and along with being the ideal showcase and storage for your Crystals, it could be used in any situation where you would like some peace and calm! What will you use yours for?

Coming from the Greek word for moon and translates to Moon Glow. We can see why! The structure of the material, when shone through with a light, captures the rays and amplifies and shimmers them throughout the piece. It’s quite remarkable!

As a Crystal itself, which very quickly unblocks stagnant energy, Selenite also removes negative energies and its powerful vibration is often used in meditation where it opens the Higher Chakras.

Laying or storing your Crystals in your Selenite Bowl for at least 6 hours cleanses your Crystals. Magnifying and Amplifying the energy of anything that is placed upon it makes this the ideal companion to your Chakra Stones or any other crystals that need reactivating.

We also stock Rectangular Selenite Bowls!

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