Four Tips For Staying Cosy This Season

Four Tips For Staying Cosy This Season
Winter season is now in full swing!

Nothing beats snuggling up with the family, playing games, eating delicious comfort food, or reading by the fire when the snow falls. Here are four things to assist you in creating a cosy atmosphere that will keep your mind engaged and your body warm on a chilly winter night at home.


1. Light a Candle

There is nothing Cosier than a flickering flame filling your home with the prettiest festive scents. Our Selenite Tealight Holders are perfect for this. Choose from a range of styles. Selenite grows with a fibrous structure. These fibres act like fibre optics carrying light through them; this is why Selenite looks awesome as candle holders.

2. Pop the kettle on and make a warming cuppa

Once your brew is in hand, pop your feet up and tune into our Cuppa & Catch-Up
Live Show every Friday at 9:30 am on Facebook.


3.  Read a book

Settle down (maybe light a fire) with a good book. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about Crystals; we love Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible books. If your bookcase looks dull, you could add our Selenite Bookends. They would add a lovely visual for someone looking to add beautiful pieces to their home. There are two sizes available!

4. Self-Care

Self-care is unique to each of us. You may prefer yoga, whereas your bestie may like to relax in the bath. Whatever your preference is, make sure you take time to check out and unwind from the hectic festive schedule. Crystals can always help you offload any negative energy and give you a little boost. Our curated Crystal Healing Sets are perfect for this.

It’s time to get your hygge on and spend some time focusing on you!

Big Love Team CG x

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