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We are not here to teach healers to suck Chakra eggs, but we are asked time and time again about specific Chakra Gemstones, so we set Marie the task of curating some pretty awesome gemstones for you to use in your Chakra Bracelets.

We thought it would be fun to put together our take on a Chakra Bracelet and the wonderful Fleur Hastings has put together our stones to show you what is possible!


Marie married our gemstones to the specific 7 Chakras to create a really lovely and energy-full bracelet. We have ordered the chakras and stones below in the specific order you would arrange the beads when making your bracelets.

There’s no excuse for any of us not to unlock those energy blocks and supercharge ourselves with these wonderful Chakra Stones! We hope you enjoy our curation!

1st Chakra: ROOT CHAKRA (Red)

The grounding energy centre of our whole well-being. Unclogging this baby will achieve some stability. Our Strawberry Quartz energies make us feel calm and fill our minds with love energy. How lovely!

2nd Chakra: SACRAL CHAKRA (Orange)

Imagine unlocking your inspiration and motivation…well, that’s precisely what this Chakra does for us. Our Mookaite beads bring strength, vitality and increase self-confidence & self-worth. Just perfect!

3rd Chakra: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (Yellow)

This power centre needs a recharge as it helps us to restore control and get a grip! It helps us to overcome anxiety. Our Yellow Tigers Eye helps us focus and stay grounded whilst dispelling fears.

4th Chakra: HEART CHAKRA (Green)

Feeling a little jaded and feel like our relationships lack harmony? That’ll be this Chakra right here! Unlock and thrive! Our gorgeous Prehnite is perfectly balanced here as it’s a stone of unconditional love. A must!

5th Chakra: THROAT CHAKRA (Blue)

You know those moments when your true feelings feel trapped and locked down? The ability to not communicate resides here! Our blue Lapis Lazuli allows self-expression and helps us to reveal inner truth. Perfect!

6th Chakra: THIRD EYE CHAKRA (Violet)

Sometimes our intuition fails us, and our instinct-compass is permanently on north! Look no further than between your eyebrows! Our violet Kunzite is an emotion gem so it connects the heart and mind. Welcome back instinct!

7th Chakra: CROWN CHAKRA (White)

Now we’ve reached the highest chakra of all and our most sacred space. Feeling a tad blocked from the spiritual realm, simply bring focus to here using our Phantom Quartz. This gemstone is very handy for bringing focus!


We sent Fleur Hastings, our remakably talented Guest Designer a set of each of the Chakra Beads on sale today and she came up with these gorgeous bracelets!!

Fleur chose to use one bead per colour but in your own designs, you can, of course, choose to use 2 or 3 beads per colour.

For your reference, the order in which to flow you Chalmers Gems Chakra beads are: 

1st Chakra: ROOT (Red – Strawberry Quartz)

2nd Chakra: SACRAL (Orange – Mookaite)

3rd Chakra: SOLAR (Yellow – Tigers Eye)

4th Chakra: HEART (Green – Prehnite)

5th Chakra: THROAT (Blue – Lapis Lazuli)

6th Chakra: THIRD EYE (Violet – Kunzite)

7th Chakra: CROWN (White – Phantom Quartz)

We hope you enjoyed this article!


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