Fluorescence | Gemmology Lesson With Marie Chalmers

Fluorescence | Gemmology Lesson With Marie Chalmers

By Marie Chalmers FGA DGA

Why do some Gemstones glow?

That property is called fluorescence, and only 15% of Gemstones exhibit that phenomenon. Let’s have a talk about fluorescence.

26Fluorescence is the emission of visible light; once a material has been stimulated by radiation, which in most cases is ultraviolet light, the Gemstone will look as if it’s glowing. Gems can glow in varying colours so you get red, blue, or green depending on the material and the different elements within it.

Some Gemstones fluoresce under short-wave ultraviolet and some over long-wave ultraviolet, the torches that are readily available in the marketplace tend to be long-wave ultraviolet, and they are the safest of the ultraviolet torches to use. Be extra careful if you’re using short-wave ultraviolet light, which can be quite damaging make sure it only comes into contact with your skin for short periods of time. Never look into the light!!

The Science behind fluorescence:

The electrons within the atoms start off at groundstate when the ultraviolet light is turned on, the electrons get very excited, and they begin to move up to the excited state, when the source is turned off, they drop back down to groundstate, and that is what creates the fluorescence, giving off visible light.

It keeps going on a loop as they get excited and returns to ground state, so you get constant fluorescence and when the torch is turned off the odd few Gemstones actually do something called phosphorus.

Fluorescence is really quite important for Gemmologists. It’s a Gemmologist’s job to make sure Gemstones can be identified correctly as either a natural material, a man-made material or any treatments that have happened to that material. For example, Ruby will glow under ultraviolet light and it actually fluoresces varying amounts.

If you look at this Ruby bracelet, you will see that some of these chips fluoresce with strong fluorescence, some are a little bit paler, and some don’t have any fluorescence at all, and that is due to the presence of iron in the structure. Iron suppresses the fluorescence, so some have more iron than others. This is important for Gemmologists when we’re trying to identify whether this is Ruby. If we were looking at a faceted Stone in a ring, for example, and it had a very very strong fluorescence, it would be an indicator that we would need to check that it’s not a man-made Ruby because it will exhibit extremely strong fluorescence.

If you’re looking to purchase Ruby Zoisite, there is a lot of fake material in the marketplace. Fluorescence is a really good indicator; grab your torch, and see if it fluoresces, if it fluoresces under ultraviolet light, then it is likely to be Ruby, but the fake stuff, which is a dyed material, is not going to fluoresce, so this is a great quick tip on how to identify Ruby Zoisite.

Fluorescence can look really cool, like our Fluorescent Sodalite Palmstones, which is a material from Lake Michigan in the USA. They glow with a bright orange Fluorescence and looks as if the rock is filled with lava.

Some Diamonds also fluoresce and this is quite rare in a Diamond and it’s also quite important when you’re purchasing a Diamond to think about the value of fluorescence, whereas fluorescence being a rare phenomenon, you’d think that Diamonds that fluoresce would hold a much higher value, but it’s actually the exact opposite.

A fluorescent Diamond tends to sit at a much lower value, sometimes up to 50% less, just because they exhibit strong fluorescence. So, do keep that in mind and let Marie know if you’re thinking of purchasing a Diamond and you would like some independent advice.

To look for fluorescence, you need to be in the dark, so stick your Gemstone under the table if you have to; get your fluorescence torch; these are available from across different marketplaces you can normally pick them up for just a couple of pounds, pop the light on if it glows you’ve got fluorescence.


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