Fluorescent Sodalite Large Palmstone Approx 65 x 45 x 20mm

Fluorescent Sodalite is a real collector’s piece.


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Fluorescent Sodalite Large Palmstone Approx 65 x 45 x 20mm

These Palmstones are out of this world! Fluorescent Sodalite perfectly combines Crystal Healing and exciting Gemmological Properties to make it a real collector’s piece.

Each Palmstone measures approximately 65 x 45 x 20mm, fitting neatly in your palm. These are great for all Crystal Collectors or would make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Our Sodalite Fluorescent Palmstones give the ultimate connection between Crystals and our being. Just holding your Palmstone for a couple of moments can give us stillness and calm. Carry your Palmstone with you in your pocket as a worry stone or use them in your Meditation work. Palmstones are one of the easiest ways to align your spirit with the energy attract. It gives you a moment to calm the mind and tap into the healing vibrations of the earth.

Fluorescent Sodalite Gemmology Facts:

Fluorescent Sodalite is a form of Syenite-rich Sodalite from Lake Michigan in the United States of America. Syenite is a Stone similar to Granite so at first glance it may look just like any other Rock. But these beautiful Palmstones will fluoresce an orange or yellow colour under ultraviolet light. Under UV light it looks just like lava!

The otherworldly glow-in-the-dark inclusions of Sodalite vary in pattern. Specimens have been found with deposits that are spotted, geometric shapes and lines and splattered like the stars in the galaxy.

Fluorescent Sodalite is a relatively new discovery.

Crystal Healing Properties: What is Fluorescent Sodalite good for?

Fluorescent Sodalite releases anger and negative energies, allowing you to help fight off any fears or phobias. Find your inner peace with this beautiful Stone, and stimulate your self-confidence and self-belief.

 Sodalite, which comes in white, red, and blue shades, is known for its instant sense of calm, even when faced with rising tides and storms of chaos. These are the qualities you seek in a Crystal, a piece of pocket magic that can brighten your day, clear your clouds, and help you communicate precisely what you want to say.

Sodalite, also known as The Poets Stone, is an excellent communication charm to keep in your pocket. This pocket-sized Crystal will keep you lyrically moving in the right direction if you struggle to find the right words to say or if you feel like your voice won’t carry against the wind.

Our Sodalite Palmstones are smooth, polished, bursting with sapphire blue, swirls of salty white, and delicately carved detailing to marry the heart and the head and help you make decisions based on balance and integrity. When we make decisions based solely on our hearts, we may find ourselves in turbulent waters; when we make decisions based solely on our heads, we may find ourselves unable to swim in the sweet pools of possibility; and when we have a little assistance in blending both the head and the heart, we may find ourselves able to soak ourselves to the bone and splash in the waters of potential.

Sodalite is also a Stone worth having in our arsenals for those of us with self-esteem issues. Need a talking to ourselves? Do it with Sodalite.

What Chakra does Fluorescent Sodalite open?

Sodalite is a mental health Stone associated with the Third Eye Chakra. It promotes calm and balances, allowing us to communicate more effectively and open our minds to new ideas, perceptions, and ways of thinking. It allows us to see the logic from various angles. When in the presence of Sodalite, we may feel more empowered to communicate better and open up our minds to initiate new ideas, perceptions and ways of thinking. It helps us see reason from different perspectives.


One of the most important things to remember when using our Findings is to care for them properly. Gemstones and Metals should be carefully cared for like any other item we love.

We recommend using the Chalmers Gems Gemstone Cleaning & Polishing Cloth to keep your finished product clean and looking its best.


All weights, measurements and counts are approximate.

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Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Mixed
  • Dimensions MM:
  • Approx 65 x 45 x 20
  • Gemstone:
  • Yooperlite
  • Shape:
  • Palmstone
  • Treatment:
  • Natural

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