Energetic Shifts – What are they & how can Crystals help?

Energetic Shifts - What are they & how can Crystal help?

By Emm Reeve

Welcome to this month’s blog for all things Crystal Healing! I’m Emm, Chalmers Gems Holistic Practitioner, Belly Dancer and Yoga Teacher, busy Mother and Wife and I use Crystals and Gemstones in all aspects of my life. By harnessing the energies from these beautiful and authentic pieces from Chalmers Gems, I try to navigate my way through personal, professional, societal, worldwide and universal energetic shifts! I’d love to share with you some of what I’ve learnt along my journey of Crystal Healing and energy work, and how you can use your Crystals for your healing and everyday life!

We are all beings of the Earth; we carry our own frequency of energy, as do animals, plants, water, the ground, air etc. Everything is made up of energy which can differ in frequency. Moving our mindset beyond the physical Earth, we can acknowledge energy within the wider universe. Everything has a frequency or vibration.

When energetic shifts take place within our body, environment, the land, the moon and so on, it can have an effect upon our emotions, health, mindset and motivation, all of which link to our own energy and frequency.

In my work as a Holistic Practitioner and in my everyday life, I take notice of some particular energies that regularly shift in order to experience the ebbs and flows of life and energy. Also, to live with a deeper understanding and to have Crystals at hand to support the journey! We know that Crystals are formed in different conditions, for various numbers of years, all over the world and each piece will hold its own vibration and energy. Crystals are a very practical way of bringing different energies from all over the world into our homes, workplaces, cars and our physical body!

We are currently moving into the Spring season, which brings an energetic shift as we have more sunlight to charge our creative energy. This is a time of new beginnings, growth, development, life becoming busier, ideas and plans start to flourish. We may have feelings or memories emerging or personal relationships and friendships developing. Perhaps we are stepping into Spring and feeling the need to cleanse our energy, release or let go of energy no longer serving us. We see celebrations as Springtime arrives all over the world in various cultures and religions. Pagan ancestors in the UK would be and still are, celebrating Beltane – one of the Sabbats that welcomes the return of the sunlight and fertility of the land. Spring is welcomed in during Passover during the first Jewish calendar month of Nisan. The Holi festival in India celebrates colour and light as they welcome Springtime and celebrate the end of Winter. In Thailand, the Songkran festival marks the start of the new Thai year. There are so many amazing rituals, celebrations and festivals all over the world at this time, which signifies how humans have been working with the natural energy of the Earth and Sun for thousands of years! By welcoming into the home some amazing Crystals and Gemstones from Chalmers Gems, I know that my home and those who live in it will naturally work with the Crystal’s energy. During this time of bringing renewal, energy, growth and joy into our lives, I love the Crazy Lace Agate Spheres for finding a flow of energy, giving protection and the shape of the sphere represents the Earth and the cycles! Crystal Dishes, Obelisks, Lamps, Moons, Animals or anything you feel drawn to can be beautifully presented in your home whilst naturally bringing its energy into your life. Listen to your intuition as it will guide you to what you need, drawing you to certain pieces!

Crazy Lace Agate Sphere Medium 4.5cm Selenite Fire Bowl Lamp With Rough Peach Selenite Approx 13cm Mixed Gemstone Moon Lucky Dip Approx 3cm Mixed Amazonite Obelisk Medium 11x4.5cm


The season of Spring also represents our Heart Chakra, the centre of our being. With its own nervous system and crucial role in our physical health, the heart centre tends to be where we carry energy associated with love, emotion, trust and connection, allowing us to live in our own authentic way. The Chakras (Sanksrit for ‘wheel of light’) are energies that are connected to our physical body, and we can experience energetic shifts here too. For example, if our Heart Chakra energy is blocked, overcharged or unbalanced with our other Chakras, it can cause physical symptoms such as anxiety or breathless for no medical reason. In that case, it can also prevent us from delivering compassion, no judgement and empathy for others as well as ourselves. The Heart Chakra tends to be an excellent energy source for letting go, processing and experiencing the joys of life, connecting to ourselves and giving and receiving love. When we allow an energetic shift or release in the Heart Chakra, we may feel lighter in the chest area, breathing deeper with ease and having feelings of love and respect for ourselves and others, allowing us to nurture patience, gratitude, joy and trust.

ROSE QUARTZ is a beautiful Crystal for the Heart Chakra; it brings a healing, nurturing and balancing energy to help us cleanse or recharge our own energy. Rose Quartz helps to send and receive loving energy and find inner peace when we need it. CG’s beautiful stock of Rose Quartz Flowers and Hearts are also wonderful to have in the home and to hold, placing at the Heart centre and taking deep breaths to connect with the energy. You could also use Jelly Rose Quartz Palm Stones to hold during a Meditation or as you settle into bed at night. If you practice Yoga, you could have a piece on your Yoga mat during a class to open up the Heart Chakra and allow the flow of body and breath! There are no set rules in Crystal Healing. It is all about finding ways that work for you when using Crystals in your everyday life.

Aura Rose Quartz Mini Sphere Rose Quartz Hand Carved Flower 6-7cm Jelly Rose Quartz Palmstone 6 x 4 x 2cm Rose Quartz Hand Carved Small Heart Approx 3.5 - 4.5cm


Further energetic shifts can be felt by the effects of the Moon. Many of us experience the Moons energy without even realising it! The Moon has a monthly cycle where the reflection from the Sun differs. The distance between the Earth and Moon varies during this time and can affect the water and energy within our bodies. The Full Moon is an excellent time to cleanse and charge your Crystals! Take notice of which Moon Phase most appeals to you and research into what that may represent in your life. Selenite has been the ultimate Moon energy Crystal for thousands of years and Chalmers Gems have the most amazing Selenite pieces! Selenite is superb for welcoming light energy into your life. Selenite has been the ultimate Moon energy Crystal for thousands of years. Chalmers Gems have incredible Selenite pieces! Selenite is effective for welcoming light energy into our lives, cleansing and aiding in finding mental clarity under challenging situations. The Moon’s energy and Selenite can help us harness our internal awareness and intuition to envision our future plans. Selenite is so versatile, ranging from Spheres to Charging Plates, Palmstones to Jewellery; you can absolutely work with Selenite energy in very practical ways!

Selenite Flat Star Selenite Hand-Carved Heart White Selenite Spheres 6cm Peach Selenite Palmstones 7 x 5 x 2cm


Returning to the Chakras, we have many Chakras on the body, but the 7 main Chakras aligned with the spine can link with our own experiences of energetic shifts within the body. Each Chakra is associated with different aspects of our lives, mostly focusing on health and wellbeing. I regularly use the Chakra Crystal Sets from Chalmers with clients and for myself. Having seven designated Gemstones matched to our Chakras, they can really assist us in cleansing, balancing or recharging our own energy points for overall energetic health. For some, the Spring Season coming into effect may be causing us to feel pressured, anxious or unsteady, I would recommend working with the Grounding Chakra Gemstone Set to help us feel more connected to ourselves and our life choices.

Grounding Chakra Set


Using Wands to scan our Chakras is a very effective way to also evolve our intuition and experience energy. Using a Selenite or Quartz Wand, you hold it in your dominant hand and face the point towards the body, just a few inches away. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and scan the Wand from our Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra, we may feel energetic resistance, warm/cool sensations, and internal responses from the Wand moving through our energy centres. You can cleanse your energy by using the Wand in a flicking motion away from the body or by making circular movements at each Chakra to encourage the natural flow of energy.

Selenite Spiral Wand Approx 16cm Clear Quartz Hand-Carved Wand Crystal Healing Selenite Smooth Wand Approx 16cm Natural Hand Carved Quartz Wand Approx 13cm Round Top Carved Base


Energetic shifts are always around us and within us. As individuals, we may be more aware and open to the shifts of certain energies. We may be able to approach our experiences with awareness, healing and a deeper understanding. I’ve really found that Crystals help people validate their feelings and experiences, working through them instead of trying to remove or block them. This is true for me also. We live in an ongoing energetic process and cycle; let’s embrace it.

I end this month’s Blog by offering you three Springtime affirmations that you may wish to choose from at the beginning of each day. Hold your Crystal as you speak it aloud or to yourself internally. Welcome the energy from the Crystal as you affirm your experience for the day.
1. I can meet this day with energy and growth.
2. I will learn from the experience of today.
3. I can thrive in the garden of my mind.

Love, peace and many well wishes to you.
Emm xx

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  1. Hi Emm I’ve been asked by a friend to get some crystals for her friends daughter who has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer . Have you any suggestions on what crystals would help her please
    From Candy

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