Moonstone Tourmaline Mixed Shape Cabochons Approx 3 Piece Pack

Stunning Moonstone Tourmaline Cabochons perfect for all Jewellery Makers


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Product Description

Moonstone Tourmaline Mixed Shape Cabochons Approx 3 Piece Pack

Our Moonstone Tourmaline Cabochons are in packs of approximately 3 Cabochons per pack weighing roughly 50 Carats. Each piece is entirely unique and has been cut bespoke for Chalmers Gems to Marie’s exacting standards! Let us know on your order if you have a shape preference!

We love designing Jewellery and Accessories with these beautiful Cabochons! Here are some of our favourite uses:

  • Bezel set or wire wrapped into a stunning pendant
  • Used as the centrepiece on a brooch or hairpiece

You are guaranteed a high-quality cut and polish with every Cabochon, which we absolutely promise you. All our items at Chalmers Gems come with an Authenticity Certificate. Download your certificate from your account.

We would love to see your work, whatever you make with our Cabochons! Join our Facebook Group, Inspire Chalmers Gems, or tag us on Instagram or TikTok using @ChalmersGems.

Moonstone Tourmaline Gemmology Facts: 

This phenomenal material is formed where both Moonstone and Tourmaline grow, have not really paid too much attention to social distancing, and have forged this forever alliance! Resulting in this beautiful Gemstone.

Did you know how this Gem gets its Schiller? The Gemstone contains incredibly thin layers of different Feldspars. When each one of these layers catches the light, a shimmering effect known as Adularescence or Schiller occurs.

Tourmaline is a favourite amongst many Gemmologists, including Marie! Tourmaline has a Trigonal Crystal System and comes in a huge variety of colours, with the most common being black.

Crystal Healing Properties: What is Moonstone Tourmaline good for?

Our wonderful Moonstone Tourmaline Cabochons have inward-looking energy that pours into us as we work with it and will help us get into the rhythm of focusing on our positive self.

Moonstone works in a calming and soothing way that helps rub away worry or anxiety and therefore supports the heart.

As a balancing and healing Stone it aids in enabling us to neither repress nor express emotions but rather apply a certain higher control over them. 

Moonstone has the power to balance out any unsettling feelings or emotions and gives you the strength to take back control of your power whilst unblocking any negativity that may be holding you back from living a fulfilled and happy life.

Moonstone connects us to the mystery of life and deeper truths that line the border between reality and fantasy.

This Crystal allows you to enter your subconscious mindset and enhance your inner knowledge and being. Known as the “Stone of New Beginnings”.

Tourmaline helps us to park what others think about us, putting to rest any fears we may have in that department! A calming Crystal which breaks down negativity and pops us back into a more balanced state of mind.

Tourmaline is a protective Gemstone. Worn in Jewellery to shroud ourselves with protection against negative energies, this Gem is perfect in makes where all kinds of negative vibes are unwelcome.

What Chakra does Moonstone Tourmaline open?

Associated with the Sacral ChakraMoonstone is fabulous for passion and creativity whilst being a high-energy stone of strength. When used in practice, this remarkable Stone releases energy blocks and helps to bring calm and balance – restoring peace of mind. This is also a Stone used to help those who wish to combat cycles of repeated patterns that often spiral into pessimism – bringing Moonstone into your practice will surely help.

One of Moonstone Tourmaline’s beauties is practice; it enables us to use both sides of our consciousness as it crosses over between logic and intuitiveness. Used in association with our Root, Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. This is an unusually versatile Gemstone and is often used as a magnifier of other energies when we wish to focus on specific energies.


One of the most important things to remember if you own Gemstones or Crystals is to care for them properly. Gemstones should be carefully cared for like any other item we love.

We recommend using the Chalmers Gems Gemstone Cleaning & Polishing Cloth to keep your Gems clean.


All weights, measurements and counts are approximate.

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Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Black, White
  • Cut:
  • Cabochon
  • Dimensions (From To in CM):
  • Mixed
  • Gemstone:
  • Moonstone Tourmaline
  • Treatment:
  • Natural
  • Weight (Carats):
  • 50
  • Quantity per Pack:
  • Approx 5-7

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