Burmese Jadeite 2.4-2.5mm Micro Faceted Beads 38cm Strand

Look at these stunning Micro Faceted Jadeite Beads!


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Product Description

Burmese Jadeite 2.4-2.5mm Micro Faceted Beads 38cm Strand

These Burmese Jadeite Micro-Faceted Beads are a fantastic shade of green! These really will stand out.

Our wonderfully sparkly Burmese Micro-Faceted Beads are strung on a generous 32cm Strand, you can be assured that there is plenty of glitz on these Strands! The possibilities with these Beads are endless. Here are some of our ideas on how you could use these Beads:

  • Transform these Burmese Jadeite Beads into stunning pieces of Jewellery for the ultimate protective accessory
  • Use as spacer Beads with a Cabochon or larger Beads
  • Sewn into embroidery pieces
  • Beaded around a Cabochon
  • Combined with other colours from our Micro-Faceted range to create a statement Make!

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Gemmology Facts:

When it comes to Genuine Jade, there are two types of Minerals:

  • Jadeite
  • Nephrite

These are alike in appearance; however, Jadeite is the rarer and most expensive of the two. Many traders call other Gemstones Jade just because it resembles it in looks, so spotting Authentic Jadeite is essential. We have done that for you! Fortunately, we have one of the UK’s leading Gemmologist’s as our Head Buyer, so you can be 100% guaranteed that these Micro Faceted Beads are indeed genuine Jadeite.

Most people will be familiar with Jade and it links to China. In China, Jade has been prized for its magical properties and beauty since ancient times. You may have seen countless examples, of beautifully and intricately carved Jade from just about every era and dynasty of China’s history. There are very few other Gemstones that have the same cultural and historical link with a country as Jade and China do. In western societies, we place a similar religious, cultural and monetary value on gold. Jade’s strong association with Chinese culture keeps its value of Jade high. There’s even a Chinese saying that “Gold has value, but Jade is invaluable”.

The medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics were set in White Jade from the Kunlun Mountains of the Qinghai province.

We all know Jadeite as a green Gemstone, but did you know it actually comes in a range of colours? Jadeite can come in all kinds of colouring from white to black but is mainly found as a pale green with a tint of lilac.

Normally all Jadeite is opaque, translucent Jade is much rarer and therefore has a very high value.

Crystal Healing Properties:

As a protective Stone, Jadeite has nurturing qualities. It soothes emotional well-being and encourages inner peace and tranquillity. Used in association with the Heart Chakra, Jadeite encourages the opening of the Heart. When worn as Jewellery, it is believed to dispel negative energy. Why not transform these beautiful Jadeite Beads into a bracelet or necklace. Wearing these precious Stones close to your skin allows you to stay connected to the positive energies and allows the healing vibrations to sink in.

In the Chinese culture, Jadeite is considered a Stone of extreme luck and is also worn as a health strengthener by encouraging the body to heal itself with its gentle healing energies.


All weights, measurements and counts are approximate.

Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Green
  • Country:
  • Burma
  • Cut:
  • Faceted, Micro Faceted
  • Dimensions (From To in MM):
  • 2.1-2.2
  • Gemstone:
  • Jadeite
  • Shape:
  • Round
  • Strand Length CM:
  • 38
  • Treatment:
  • Natural, Stabilised

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