Bloodstone Jasper Tumble Stone Approx 2.5cm 3 Piece Pack

These are multi-use Crystals. They are perfect!


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Bloodstone Jasper Tumble Stone Approx 2.5cm 3 Piece Pack

Our 3 Pack of Bloodstone Jasper Tumbles are perfect for Gridding, Mediation, Personal Talisman or Jewellery Making.

Each Tumble has been quality checked by Award-Winning Gemmologist and Chalmers Gems’ Director Marie Chalmers.

You are guaranteed a high-quality cut and polish with every Tumble Stone, which we promise you. All our items at Chalmers Gems come with an Authenticity Certificate. Download your certificate from your account.


Our range of Tumble Stones can be used for a wide variety of Jewellery Makes or used within Crystal Healing. 

  • These Tumble Stones would make great decorations and could be placed into a jar as a gift for a friend or loved one. 
  • Why not try wire wrapping these beautiful Tumble Stones into Pendants or Rings; watch Linda Jones’ Tutorial HERE
  • Transform them into simply Keyring’s. 
  • Simply hold a couple of Tumble Stones close to your chest or have them on display close by during meditation work. 
  • Why not simply place a couple of Tumble Stones into your pocket, carry them with you throughout the day, and let their Crystal Healing energies work their magic? 

The possibilities with our Tumble Stone really are endless.


No two pieces of Bloodstone are the same – they are totally unique! A variety of Jasper, this beautiful Gemstone’s green base colour is flecked with bright red caused by iron oxide and these deposits are as nature intended – totally random!

During the Middle Ages, Bloodstone was known as ‘Martyr’s Stone’ and was a favourite for Christian jewellery and carvings. It was believed to represent the blood of Jesus Christ on green moss.

CRYSTAL HEALING PROPERTIES: What is Bloodstone good for?

Bloodstone Jasper, to the Greeks, was known as ‘the turning of the sun’. The name came from placing the Gemstone in water which would turn the sun into a blood-red sphere!

In modern practice, Bloodstone Jasper is known to create a protective aura around you and help you eliminate toxins.

 Our Bloodstone Tumbles, rich in iron and brimming with protective healing properties, is the ideal antidote for life. Bloodstone, known for being a supercharger for strength, courage, resilience, and healing, is here to boost your self-esteem and stabilise your moods.

Bloodstone is here to keep your blood pumping and your heart strong and give weight and trust to your intuition. All of this is accomplished by influencing the body, mind, and soul.

Bloodstone was once used to treat wounds on the battlefield and has a rich mystical history because it was said to be formed from Christ’s blood. Everything indicates that this Crystal possesses deep divine powers as well as the ability to instil power, courage, and protection in your sense of self.

What Chakra does Bloodstone open?

Bloodstone is all about working on the Lower Chakras. It wants you to be completely grounded and secure so that all of your vital energy can flow from head to toe. Despite this,  Bloodstone has the strongest connection with your Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra could be thought of as our safety net. It’s what keeps us anchored, grounded and – like the roots of a tree – how we keep ourselves in place when the winds blow around us.

Bloodstone not only beautifully strengthens the relationship with the Root Chakra, but it also works wonders with the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is where we find our love, trust, compassion, and ability to open up.


One of the most important things to remember if you own Gemstones or Crystals is to care for them properly. Gemstones should be carefully cared for like any other item we love. We recommend using the Chalmers Gems Gemstone Cleaning & Polishing Cloth to keep your Gems clean.

Why not charge your Tumble Stone in a Selenite Bowl or place them on a Selenite Charging Plate?


All weights, measurements and counts are approximate.

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Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Black, Green, Red
  • Cut:
  • Tumble, Tumblestone
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Approx 2.5
  • Finish:
  • Polished
  • Gemstone:
  • Bloodstone Jasper, Jasper
  • Product:
  • Collectables
  • Quantity Per Pack:
  • 3
  • Shape:
  • Tumble, Tumblestone
  • Treatment:
  • Natural, Stabilised

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