Clear Quartz

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  • Clear Quartz 2cm Mini Spheres 2 Pack

    Clear Quartz 2cm Mini Sphere 2 Pack

    Our Clear Quartz Mini Spheres would make wonderful gifts.

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  • Clear Quartz Hand-Carved Wand Crystal Healing

    Hand Carved Clear Quartz Wand Approx 13cm

    Clear Quartz Wand superbly carved by our skilled team!

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  • Natural Hand Carved Quartz Wand Approx 13cm Round Top Twisted Base

    These superbly crafted devices are essential in Crystal Healing an make really beautiful ornamental collectables for those amongst us who love to admire hand-carved crystals in the best possible version of themselves.

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    Bundle: 4mm Smooth Rounds Strands – 10% Off When You Buy 4 Or More

    Choose 4 or more strands to qualify for 10% off your purchase. Choose different gemstones or multiple quantities of your favourites!

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