Designer Challenge #1 Reveal


The wait is over! As you know, yesterday we launched our bespoke cut Moon, Stars & Flowers beads in amethyst and rose quartz!

As part of this product launch, we invited 4 very talented Designers to design and make some imaginative pieces of jewellery to show off these stunning jewels! This is the first of our Designer Challenges! We hope you feel utterly inspired as we would like to do this every month!

Ellie, Sharon, Georgina and Helen were all sent some of these amazing pieces to help inspire us all with our makes and the time has come to reveal all!

We hope you love their work and now feel in the mood to make your own wonderful designs with these stunning gemstones!


Working with Ellie is always a joy and these creations are simply gorgeous. Using the statement Moons, Stars and Petals as the central showstopper in these circular micro-beaded wire-wrapped pieces achieves both style and delicacy.

Ellie Says “Making jewellery has become a passion of mine. Creating bespoke custom pieces using gorgeous ethically sourced gemstones is something I just love to do.”

If you feel inspired, you can shop right here!

“I absolutely loved working with these beautiful gemstones! I love how each stone has been faceted, the moons in particular were absolutely wonderful to work with. I definitely want to work with these stones again and would love to see these in even more gemstones.

The main reason I buy gemstones from Chalmers Gems is that all the gemstone is not only of superb quality, but they are also ethically sourced. These two things are my top priority when buying gemstones and Chalmers Gems outshine themselves every time.

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with Chalmers gems.”

You can Find Ellie on Facebook & Instagram


This is Sharon’s first time designing for Chalmers Gems as she establishes herself as one to watch with her intricate designs and colour-matching skills. Creating a huge selection of jewellery from just a few key pieces this is commercial wizardry.

Sharon Says “The stones themselves are beautifully rich in colour, nicely cut and lend themselves to lots of designs and because they are top-drilled, they make the creative process a joy. I was a bit sad to come to the end of the project, my mind is racing with so many ideas!”

If you feel inspired, you can shop right here!


“I absolutely loved working with these stones, the shapes really made me think about my design / spurred my imagination and I really enjoyed the creative process because of it. I had a rough idea of what I was making with the first two pieces, the ladder weave bracelet and tree of life, I saw them almost immediately when I unpacked my parcel. When it came to the rest, I had an idea of colour and played around with the beads until I was happy. It was great fun!

What I love most about Chalmers Gems; the stones are beautiful quality, ethically sourced and great prices. And what you see is what you get, all stones are verified by Marie, a qualified gemmologist so you can 100% trust that what you’re buying is genuine.”

Sharon’s designs are yet to appear on social media but watch this space!


Again, from just a few pieces of these wonderful amethyst and rose quartz beauties, Georgina managed to create some stunning pieces. Using ceramic pieces in her designs, Georgina created the most magnificent charm bracelet which left us all a little speechless!

Georgina Says “I love amethyst and rose quartz anyway so to work with these stones gives me great joy. I also enjoyed the challenge of working with shaped gemstones.”

If you feel inspired, you can shop right now!


“When I saw the photos of the beads, I thought I liked the stars and moons best but when I opened my package, the petal flower shapes spoke to me and I made the charm bracelet straight away!

I would absolutely work with these moons, stars and flowers again. I feel much more confident using shaped gemstones now and I think they give a truly beautiful and unique effect to my jewellery.

I buy from Chalmers Gems as they are the best quality and I know I will find really unusual pieces”

You can find Georgina on Facebook


We were stunned by the amount of pieces Helen was able to produce from the moons, stars and flowers we sent her for the challenge. We are particularly fond of the pendant where she paired the Rose Quartz Moon with the Amethyst Star!

Helen Says “Inspiration flowed so easily for me and at times I thought the gemstones were telling me what to create the stones are truly magical.”

If you feel inspired, you can shop right now!


“I still have designs going around in my head as the stones are so versatile. I loved the shapes of the gemstones as they gave me the ability to create so many different designs and looks, the drill holes were perfect, and the cutting and facets are top quality.

Loving all the magical properties, myths and legends too I wanted to create pieces that could move and allow the wearer to be able to feel the gemstone. All of the stones were absolutely fantastic, the rose quartz were so gemmy they seemed to glow, the quality of the cutting and the drill hole size was perfect so versatile and so easy to work with.

The intense purple was so breathtaking, for me I loved the way the stones have been cut as they catch the light when there is movement which makes the stone look mystical and magical.”

You can find Helen on Facebook 


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