The Hidden Meaning Behind Birthstones


We continue to get LOADS of enquiries about Birthstones, so we have dedicated an entire Live Show exclusively to this entrancing subject whilst we are on location in India. During this Live event, we shall take you through the Gemstones and Meanings for each month as we give you plenty of opportunity to look and purchase Birthstone Decor, Ready Made Jewellery, Gems for Jewellery Making, and plenty of options for Wellness, Compassion & Wellbeing, which if you’ve been paying attention, is the overarching theme of this Tour!

Get involved and join the Live Show fun {HERE}, and in the meantime, here are some Birthstone gem facts to be getting on with!

What is a Birthstone?

Did you know that each month has its own special birthstone? These Gemstones have been used for centuries to mark the passage of time, and they all come with unique characteristics and healing properties. In this blog post, we’ll explore the stories and meanings behind each birthstone and discover how these special Stones can be used to enhance our lives.


January – GARNET

January’s birthstone is Garnet, which comes from the Latin word granatum – meaning “seed” because of its resemblance to a pomegranate seed. Garnet is associated with friendship, trust, loyalty, and abundance. It is believed to bring courage and strength in times of change. Garnet is also thought to aid in resolving conflicts between loved ones and help them move forward.

February – AMETHYST

The February birthstone is Amethyst, which derives from the Greek word “amethystos”, meaning “not intoxicated”. This Gemstone was believed to protect against drunkenness and encourage sobriety. Amethyst’s calming energy makes it a great stone for meditation as it helps clear away negative thoughts and helps promote clarity of mind. It also stimulates creativity, brings peace of mind, relieves stress, and dispels fear.


March’s birthstone is Aquamarine which comes from the Latin words “aqua” for water and “marina” for sea – making it perfect for those born under the sign of Pisces! Aquamarine is known as a symbolic stone of youthfulness, health and hope. It encourages serenity and tranquillity while helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Aquamarine also has cleansing energies that can help bring clarity & understanding when making difficult decisions or facing challenging situations.


April’s birthstone is Diamond, which comes from the ancient Greek word “adamas”, meaning unconquerable and indestructible. Diamonds symbolise eternity, strength, courage, and everlasting love. This precious Gemstone is also associated with clarity of thought and mental sharpness, as well as emotional resilience and confidence. It is believed to help bring clarity and better decision-making, allowing us to move forward with courage and strength.


May’s birthstone is Emerald, a precious gemstone that has been treasured for centuries. Emerald is derived from the Sanskrit word “marakata”, which means “the green of growing things.” This beautiful Gemstone symbolises harmony and balance and is believed to inspire creativity and imagination. It also encourages emotional stability, peace, and health.

June – PEARL

June’s birthstone is Pearl, a symbol of purity and innocence. It is believed to bring the wearer good luck, fortune, and protection from harm. Pearl specifically represents faith, charity, and innocence – values that are important in many religious traditions around the world. This Gemstone also helps to attract wealth and success for the wearer, so it can be a wonderful good luck charm.

July – RUBY

July’s birthstone is Ruby, a stunning and vibrant Gemstone that has been prized since ancient times. This vibrant red Stone comes from the Latin word “ruber”, meaning red. Rubies have long been valued for their beauty and durability, with many cultures believing them to bring good fortune, love, and protection. These Gemstones are said to enhance passion and bring energy, vitality, and enthusiasm.

August – PERIDOT

August’s birthstone is Peridot which comes from the Greek word “peridona”, meaning “giving plenty”. This vibrant green Gemstone is associated with prosperity, growth, and abundance. Peridot is believed to bring balance into one’s life by helping to clear away negative energies and focus on the positive. It is also said to help with mental clarity and decision-making, giving you the courage to move forward in life.

September – SAPPHIRE

September’s birthstone is Sapphire, a beautiful Stone that symbolises wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. Its name comes from the Latin word “saphirus”, which means blue. Sapphires are believed to bring the wearer inner peace, clarity of thought, and spiritual enlightenment. It is also said to help with decision-making and give courage in times of difficulty.

October – Opal

October’s birthstone is Opal which comes from the Sanskrit word “upala”, meaning “precious stone”. This Gemstone is known for its unique rainbow-like colour and iridescent light. It is believed to bring hope, innocence, faith, and luck to those who wear it. Opal also symbolises creativity and imagination – helping us to make the most of our potential.

November – Citrine

November’s birthstone is Citrine which comes from the French word “citron”, meaning lemon. This Gemstone is known for its warm yellow colour and is associated with the sun. It is believed to bring joy, energy, good fortune, and success to those who wear it. Citrine also encourages mental clarity and decision-making, allowing us to move forward in life with confidence.

December – Turquoise

December’s birthstone is Turquoise which comes from the French word “turqueise”, meaning blue-green Stone. This beautiful Gemstone is associated with healing and protection, as well as creativity and communication. It is believed to bring good luck, fortune, and success to those who wear it. Turquoise also encourages us to stay strong in times of difficulty and to make the most of our potential.

Birthstones Symbolism, Meanings & Uses

Each birthstone carries its own unique symbolism and meaning, offering us a powerful reminder of who we are and what we can achieve with courage, determination, and confidence. It is believed that wearing your birthstone will bring you good luck and prosperity throughout your life.

Birthstones have been around for centuries, and each one comes with its own special meaning and healing properties. By understanding the stories behind each birthstone, we can learn to appreciate and use them to enhance our lives in meaningful ways.

Whether you’re looking for an accessory piece or seeking out healing properties in Crystals or Gemstones – understanding your personal birthstone can open up a whole new world! Each month has its own unique history and story behind it – many with ancient origins dating back thousands of years ago! Every time you wear or use your special birthstone, you are connecting with its unique power and energy – allowing yourself to tap into your intuition & manifest whatever you desire!

So go ahead – explore your personal birthstone today!



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