Chalmers Gems Gem Toolkit
Chalmers Gems Gem Kit
Chalmers Gems Gem Kit
Chalmers Gems Gem Kit
Chalmers Gems Gem Kit
Chalmers Gems Gem Kit
Chalmers Gems Gem Kit

Chalmers Gems Gem Toolkit

Our excellent bespoke Gem Toolkit has been specially designed by our own expert Gemmologist Marie Chalmers.


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Product Description

Our excellent bespoke Gem Toolkit has been specially designed by our own expert Gemmologist Marie Chalmers!

In the compact yet durable wallet, you will find all the equipment you need to access Gemstones and Jewellery confidently and professionally. This will fit perfectly in your bag or craft bag. Making it easy to take it along with you to craft stalls, antique fairs or shows. Quality is paramount at Chalmers Gems, so we’ve cut no corners here. Every piece in this Gem Toolkit emphasises the exceptional standards we have!


This is an essential item! It is always best to clean your Jewellery or Gemstones before you start to look at them. This is a high-quality satin feel Cloth. We promise it will not leave fluff on your Gemstones! As we all know there is nothing worse than a fluffy Gem! You can even use your Cloth to work on!


We have chosen a four-pronged Gemstone grabber for our Kit. This is a grab alternative to using tweezers. With this Grabber, you can hold your Gemstones confidently and don’t have to worry about them popping out across the room! You can also use this to demonstrate how the Gemstone would look in a piece of Jewellery. Grabbers are a VERY versatile tool and are essential to this Kit.


Beautifully branded Tweezers. We have selected medium tipped Tweezers which are suitable for all abilities. There is excellent grip on the inside of the tip, making it easier to pick up your Gemstones whilst adding stability when holding your Gemstones. There is also a grip on either side of the tweezers and an outstanding spring action.

If you are just starting to work with Tweezers, always remember practice makes perfect!


What an understated piece of equipment! It is very easy to overlook a scoop, but Marie knew this would be super useful for you all! Our Chalmers Gems branded Scoop allows you to pick up multiple Gemstones simultaneously whilst keeping your Gems clean. It is essential to try to handle your Gems as little as often. We all have natural oils on our hands which we don’t want to get on our lovely clean and shiny Gemstones.


This is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of equipment for any Gemmologist, Collector, Jewellery Designer or Jeweller. Quality is everything when it comes to a Loupe. Naturally, Marie has chosen the absolute best for you! This is a triplet Loupe, which means there are three lenses. Two conical lenses and a central lens – this keeps the view crispy and undistorted. Cheaper Loupes distort the image you see through it – a bit like a magnifying glass.

Our Loupe has an excellent textured rubber grip around the glass – this helps you grip the Loupe making it suitable for everyone regardless of skill level. There is even a little hole for you to attach a lanyard to – you rarely see Marie without her Loupe round her neck when Gemstone shopping!


Marie has even filmed a Loupe Tutorial so you can improve your skills! You can watch it HERE.

Product Information

    Authentic Gemstones

    We guarantee all Gemstones are authentic and verified by Marie Chalmers and the Gemmology Team. Each product comes with an Authenticity Certificate.

    First class standard delivery

    As you can imagine, there is a vast difference in weight across our range so delivery prices alter. Prices from £3.90 – More info

    Easy returns

    We have made this process as easy as possible or you. In the first instance please email to [email protected]
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