Shungite Palmstone Approx 4.5 x 3cm

Shungite Palmstones are the perfect companion to keep you protected!


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Shungite Palmstone Approx 4.5 x 3cm

Shungite is a phenomenal material! Shungite can help protect against certain waves and is used for protection around electromagnetic forces such as 4G, 5G and the electric grid.

Our Shungite Palmstone are the perfect companion for you! They measure approximately 4.5 x 3cm, so will fit neatly in your palm or pop them in a pocket or bag for protection on the move.

Each Palmstone costs £9.60, making them fantastic value for money.

Our Palmstones give the ultimate connection between Crystals and our being. Just holding your Palmstone for a couple of moments can give us stillness and calm. Carry your Palmstone with you in your pocket as a Worry Stone, or use them in your Meditation work. Palm stones are one of the easiest ways to align your spirit with the energy attract. It gives you a moment to calm the mind and tap into the healing vibrations of the earth.

You are guaranteed a high-quality cut and polish with every Palmstone, which we promise you. All our items at Chalmers Gems come with an Authenticity Certificate. Download your certificate from your account.


Many studies show that when water steeped with Shungite is consumed, it balances and gently cleanses the human body. Now, we at Chalmers Gems are not medical professionals so only do this under medical supervision please and use only Elite Shungite.

One of the key uses of this mesmeric rock is its ability to remove pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals from contaminated water. It is used across the world purely for this purpose in many regions.

Did you know that Gemmologically speaking, there are three types of Shungite? Our Shungite is 100% Elite Shungite.

Due to its electrical conductivity, Chalmers Gems have been able to test our Shungite to confirm it is genuine so, as with all of our products, you can buy with supreme confidence!

CRYSTAL HEALING PROPERTIES: What is Shungite good for?

Shungite has the natural ability to screen off electromagnetic and radio radiations, making it very useful in industries such as medicine and technology. For us, out in the real world, Shungite can help protect against certain waves and is used for protection around electromagnetic forces such as 4G, 5G and the electric grid. This is why our Shungite Palmstones are perfect for carrying around with you day to day. They are small enough to fit into your pocket, placed in your workspace, or held at times when you may be exposed to certain waves.

The Earth’s energetic field and sunlight continually cleanse Shungite. So, once it is discharged, it’s super easy to recharge it!

This Stone has many powerful healing properties, if you are quite an anxious person or have recently been feeling very stressed or fatigued, then this is the Palmstone for you! It’s good for those suffering anxiety attacks or high levels of stress. Shungite naturally attracts peace and tranquillity whilst protecting you from any external forces. Its strong energy will recharge you and your environment. If you’ve been feeling a little off balance emotionally recently, then Shungite will help realign the body, mind and spirit, boosting your energy levels and assisting with insomnia. We recommend placing your Shungite Palmstone within your home or your workspace to divert any negative influences or habits.

In our Meditation or rituals, your Shungite Palmstone can also be used throughout your home to neutralise electrical energies and protect.

Why not surround yourself with our other Shungite Gemstones and allow the healing and protective properties energetically clean your home or environment? You can shop our full Shungite range HERE.


One of the most important things to remember when using our Findings is to care for them properly. Gemstones and Metals should be carefully cared for like any other item we love.

We recommend using the Chalmers Gems Gemstone Cleaning & Polishing Cloth to keep your finished product clean and looking its best.


All weights, measurements and counts are approximate.

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Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Black
  • Dimensions (From To in CM):
  • 4.5x3
  • Gemstone:
  • Shungite
  • Quantity per Pack:
  • 1
  • Shape:
  • Palmstone
  • Treatment:
  • Natural, Stabilised

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