Freshwater Cultured Bi Coloured Nucleated Baroque Pearl Approx 11-14mm

Elevate your Jewellery with our Freshwater Cultured Bi-Colour Nucleated Baroque Pearls.



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This is such an exciting line of Pearls for us all at Chalmers Gems! They are so unusual and Marie has never seen Pearls like this before!

Our Pearls are sold individually and cost just £24.50 each. They measure approximately 11 to 14 mm and would make a stunning pendant or a pair of earrings. With their 0.6 mm Drill Hole, these are perfect for every Jewellery Maker or Designer.

Each of these unusual Pearls exhibits 2 colours, purple & peach or purple & gold, which have been naturally produced by their host mollusc. They also have a lovely lustre and minimal pitting.

Our Freshwater Pearls have all been hand-picked and quality checked by Gemmologist Marie Chalmers.

Pearl is the birthstone for June, offering a feminine and romantic feel which can elevate any outfit they are paired with. If you wear it as your birthstone, it will bless you with love and luck.

Gemmology Facts:

Whereas Gemstones and Minerals form underground, Pearls are organic; they form within the soft tissues of a living creature called a mollusc. Natural Pearls form when a mollusc defends itself against a parasite or a piece of sand. They emit a fluid called Nacre, which coats the irritant with layers to create a Pearl. Cultured Pearls make up Approximately 90% of today’s Pearl market. The difference between Natural and Cultured Pearls is that Cultured Pearls are given a helping hand using mantle tissue to replace the parasite/sand. To create a Nucleated Pearl, a bead is inserted into the mollusc with a piece of mantle tissue to kickstart the process. It is a very skilful and precise task with lots of care given to the mollusc.

The interior of the shell gives the Pearl its colour. When farming Pearls, the farmer will not know what colour or colours the Pearl will be until they harvest it. It takes 4 to 5 years for a cultured Pearl to grow.

Once harvested, the Pearl undergoes a very thorough cleaning and sorting process. During Marie’s trip to the Pearl farms in China, she watched the sorters and was impressed by their meticulous sorting.

The Pearl industry supports many people in areas that encounter extreme climatic events. They are dependent on Pearls supporting their communities’ ecosystems and creating multiple livelihood opportunities. These biogenic beauties are among the few truly Sustainable Jewellery components on the market when compared to the mining of Diamonds and Gold for example.

Freshwater Pearls are extremely durable and when worn with care, they will continue to maintain their colour and lustre for decades to come.

Baroque is the term used for any Pearl that is not round.

When looking for Pearls, you should be able to see clean skins, an excellent lustre and limited pits.

Did you know the rounder the Pearl, the higher the price?

Crystal Healing Properties:

Pearls represent integrity and purity, being a jewel of the sea. Moon and Water ruled Stones offer the wearer protection and enhance truth and loyalty. We don’t tend to reach for Pearls when we think of the Chakras, which are usually dominated by Crystals. Yet, the “Flaming Pearl”, the pearl that is usually shown under a Chinese dragon’s chin or claw, symbolises our inner wisdom in Hinduism and Buddhism – encouraging us to discover our true selves and our purpose on Earth.

Pearls can assist with the search for higher understanding and truth and are often associated with the 7th Crown Chakra. Pearls move any negative attachments from your aura and help to fill the aura with healing light. These have Luna energy, place them in the moonlight to recharge these soothing Beads.

At Chalmers Gems, we 100% guarantee the authenticity of our Pearls. We only procure Pearls after carefully assessing the merits of all of our suppliers and selecting the very best strings at the very best value.

Pearls are organic material and vary in size and shape and may differ from the images shown.


All measurements, weight and counts are approximate.

Product Information

  • Guarantee:
  • 100% Authentic
  • Colour:
  • Gold, Mixed, Pink, Purple
  • Dimensions (From To in MM):
  • 11-14
  • Drill Hole :
  • 0.6
  • Gemstone:
  • Freshwater Cultured Pearl
  • Quantity Per Pack:
  • 1
  • Shape:
  • Baroque

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