Donut Curation 7 Gemstones 25, 30 or 40mm

We have curated our lovely Donuts all together for you in one easy webpage so you can just click the ones you want!

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Phosphosiderite Gemstone Donut 40mm 1 Piece

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Rose Quartz Gemstone Donut 40mm 1 Piece

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Rhondonite Gemstone Donut 40mm 1 Piece

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Crazy Agate Medium Sized Donut 30mm 1 Piece

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Jadeite Donuts Approx 25mm 2 Pieces

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Product Description

Our lovely large Donut shaped Gemstones are now all curated together for you in one easy webpage so you can just click the ones you want without having to click through all the pages!

We have 7 Gemstone materials to choose from and we know from experience that these don’t last too long on the website so grab a handful now for your repeatable or new makes!

Our Donuts are approximately 25mm, 30mm or 40mm each and can be used simply for knotting with a leather or material cord, at the end of a mala (using some of our 8mm beads perhaps?) or to use as a statement piece to wire-wrap or to even micro-bead around! There are a million ideas!

From only £4.50 each these are an absolute must and perfect for every Jewellery Maker.

Chinese Jasper: As Jaspers are the earth’s natural healers they are perfect for when our spirit needs a little courage and wisdom. As Jasper has such a strong connection to the earth, they are exceptionally grounding giving us strength of mind & soul whilst underpinning our stability.

Howlite: These extraordinary gemstone Donuts could also be used as a meditation stone as they help to relax our minds and bodies whilst practising or meditating. Particularly at bedtime, imagine gently rubbing this beautiful tactile stone as it helps to ease us into a peaceful and restful sleep as its insomnia beating energies flow into action.

Crazy Agate: In the world of crystal healing, agate offers protection, courage, strength and grounding. Full of earth and fire, these beautiful energies have versatile chakra associations, often used with the Sacral Chakra for strength, the Solar Plexus for confidence and the Crown for spiritual awareness. The energy we feel from Crazy Lace Agate is a very gentle, calm and serene one and is associated with happiness and laughter – sometimes called the Stone of Laughter.

Tigers Eye: Tigers Eye is a phenomenal gemstone which abounds in healing qualities and spiritual energies. It’s an all-round powerhouse. Associated with the Solar Plexus where endurance and strength reside Tigers Eye can be used to ward off any negativity around you. Use it in meditation for grounding and to really go nice and deep with your meditation state and it is also the perfect stress buster.

Rose Quartz: Is the ultimate stone of compassion and love. Used with the heart chakra you could easily make a pendant on a longer chain to extol the full energy of this gentle stone as it rests in the Heart Chakra region. We all know Rose Quartz to be a heart stone and to be the main stone of love but it also helps to release stored emotions, tension & heartache. Our beautiful pink coloured Donuts will help to relieve stress, whilst keeping us calm. For those of us who are seeking a quieter, perhaps more loving and calming existence, Rose Quartz is perfect.

Rhodonite: A lovely stone of compassion, Rhodonite is an emotional balancer. It can also help with clearing activities of the heart, where emotion is trapped & can help in situations where forgiveness is required. As a stone of emotion, use it when you need to feel grounded and not react with panic in given situations.

Phosphosiderite: When you meditate with Phosphosiderite regularly, it will calm you and relieve stress with its soothing energies. Working with the Chakra’s, Phosphosiderite can be used with the Crown Chakra to help raise your vibrations that will help with spiritual and emotional healing and awakening.


Jadeite: As a protective stone, Jadeite has nurturing qualities, it soothes emotional well-being & encourages inner peace & tranquillity. Used in association with the Heart Chakra, Jadeite encourages the opening of the Heart and when worn as jewellery is believed to dispel negative energy. Jadeite, in the Chinese culture particularly, is considered a stone of extreme luck and is also worn as a health strengthener by way of encouraging the body to heal itself with its gentle healing energies. It is also believed to bring longevity to the wearer.

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Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Mixed
  • Cut:
  • Polished
  • Dimensions MM:
  • 30, 40
  • Gemstone:
  • Mixed
  • Shape:
  • Donut
  • Treatment:
  • Natural
  • Quantity Per Pack:
  • 1

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