Blue Aura Kyanite 2 Piece Pack
Blue Aura Kyanite 2 Piece Pack

Blue Aura Kyanite 2 Piece Pack

Our Blue Aura Kyanite Pieces are a truly fascinating!


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Product Description

Blue Aura Kyanite 2 Piece Pack

Often described as wands or blades, our stunning Blue Aura Kyanite Pieces are truly fascinating examples of how this Mineral grows naturally. These wonderful Kyantie Pieces measure approximately 60 x 30 x 10mm and come in two per pack, making them the perfect size for our Gemstone Collectors and Crystal Healers. Why not use the gorgeous Gemstones within your healing practice, as a bedside companion or even as the proverbial talking stick!

With Kyanite being one of the rarer Gemstones to find, we couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we discovered these beauties. At only £8.50 per pack, they really are too good to miss.

These Beautiful Kyanite Pieces have been coated with a pearly blue aura, creating the most sensational sheen. They will positively transform any Crystal Collection.

Gemmology Facts:

Kyanite gets it name from the word Kanos meaning deep blue.

Kyanite is a very fascinating Gemstone, usually growing in elongated blade formations creating these beautiful fan like structures. This interesting Gem can also form, in rarer cases, as masses of crystals. It is commonly found in these types of metaphoric rocks:


-Schists accompanied

Kyanite is usually accompanied alongside Garnet, Quartz and Mica. Kyanite grows in this beautiful formation during metamorphism in sedimentary rocks, the rock undergoes high pressure changing the clay minerals they’re in.

Kyanite can be found in many locations across the world including Austria, Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Tanzania and Zimbabwe to name a few.

Kyanite is commonly found in various different shades of blue. However, it can also come in colourless variations such as white, grey, yellow or orange.

Aura Kyanite is a natural Gemstone enhanced with a metal coating (often titanium and niobium). The treatment gives the Gem a juicy iridescent sheen. The Gemstone is placed within a vacuum chamber and heated to a sizzling 800°C! This is the temperature at which the metals’ vapour is added for the aura. The vapour coats the Kyanite leaving the beautiful lustre.

Crystal Healing Properties:

Kyanite has been an all-time favourite among our Gemstone Collectors and Crystal Healers for many decades. This magnificent Gemstone has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing a deep tranquillity. Often used in Meditation as it brings balance and harmony. Used in practice to dispel frustrations and stress, Kyanite is often described as an anchoring Stone due to its grounding energies. These energies bring support in times of uncertainty allowing you to connect with your spirit guide.

As a wonderful balancing Stone, Blue Kyanite opens the Throat Chakra, encouraging communication and the ability to speak our home truths. It removes any fears with relation to public speaking and allows you to speak openly with strength and self-expression. We think a good place to keep our Kyanite is right on our desk for when those online meetings require some free expression! Let it cleanse your workspace and allow you to feel truly grounded whilst you work.

Kyanite is renowned for removing any negative vibrations or energies that surround your environment. Let it clear you anger, frustrations with daily life, confusion and stress and allow it to make room for linear and more logical thinking. They clear any adverse blockages allowing positive energy to gentle pass through the physical body. This energy brings feelings of calmness and tranquillity.


All weights, measurements and counts are approximate.

Product Information

  • Colour:
  • Blue
  • Cut:
  • Rough
  • Dimensions MM:
  • From 55 x 15 x 10
  • Gemstone:
  • Kyanite
  • Quantity per Pack:
  • 2
  • Shape:
  • Rough
  • Treatment:
  • Aura

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