Black Fossil Coral Mixed Shape Cabochon 1-3 piece 75cts


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Black Fossil Coral Mixed Shape Cabochon 1-3 piece 75cts


Gemmology Facts:

This amazing natural Gemstone is created when ancient coral is gradually replaced with agate over twenty million years which preserves the marine creatures’ skeletons, in turn leaving these fabulous patterns. This is also why the correct name for fossil coral is Agatized Coral.

Within these Fossil Coral Cabochons, you can clearly see the skeletons of the marine animals who lived in our oceans 20 million years ago!  Their preservation has left behind these incredible floral-like patterns in the stone. What little treasures they are.

Crystal Healing Properties:

Holding, predominantly, Grounding energies, this calming Gemstone aids the wearer or holder to bring about good change or transformation by helping us to release unhealthy thoughts and emotions. As with Ocean energies, it can help us to literally wash away any pain and create some calm and contentment.


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  • Black, Grey

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