Amethyst Rough Druzy in Medium Lotus Flower Etched Bamboo Intent Box

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Product Description

Amethyst Rough Druzy in Medium Lotus Flower Etched Bamboo Intent Box

This beautiful Intent & Affirmation Box contains one piece of Rough Amethyst. Perfect for gifting with Intent or to help yourself with an Affirmation.

Each Box measures approximately 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm.

At Chalmers Gems, we source all of our products ethically and sustainably, so when it came to designing and creating our Crystal Healing Storage Range, this philosophy rang pure and true throughout the whole process.

Intent & Affirmations:

An Affirmation is when we declare a statement. When used with Crystals, we use the energy within the Gemstone to support our personal declaration. An Affirmation is generally when we look inwards and make clear statements repetitively, so we set the Affirmation firmly.

An Intent is when we determine to do something. When used with Crystals, we use the energy within the Gemstone to ask for support with our determinations. We can use Intents to ask the Crystal to help ourselves or we can turn the intent outward and ask it to direct the intent elsewhere.

Crystal Healing Properties:

Amethyst is one of the Master Healing Gemstones, used to amplify and induce calmness, peace and tranquillity. Amethyst can be beneficial for people struggling with intense stress and can give users a sense of balance and diplomacy.


I am focused and ready for the day. My mind is still and working efficiently. I am able to concentrate and not lose my thread.


Inspire my humility and kindness on all levels. Bring me emotional resilience throughout stressful times. Soothe and relax my vibrating soul.

About Bamboo:

Using this incredible and ethically sourced material was also important as we felt that the healing qualities within the Bamboo itself would resonate strongly with our customers.

Bamboo is noted as a symbol of health, strength and flexibility. It enables us to garner inner peace whilst finding balance in our worlds. Bamboo is also renowned as a self-esteem material as it helps clear our energy channels. It can lift your mood immensely.

When it comes to Crystal care and Crystal healing, Bamboo has miraculous energy-clearing properties, so when it comes to storing your Crystals, we felt that making our boxes from 100% Bamboo would also give us this really important purpose.


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